Mom's Wish for the New Year

By Kerry Knight

Happy New Year
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This is the time of year where most people are making New Years resolutions. Where we try and get back on track and do something they think is important to them personally.

In speaking to my mother about New Year resolutions, I was somewhat surprised at her one great hope for 2014. It wasn't money, possessions, recognition, losing weight, or any other typical response. It also wasn't some grandiose wish of world peace or a cure for cancer. It was simple, yet poignant. "I want to be able to enjoy my family with the little time I have remaining."

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You see, mom is in her 80s, with many of the same complications that come with aging. She has fallen more times than I can remember, due to vertigo, weak knees, and onset dementia. She is afraid to try and bathe herself for fear of falling again. She is terrified of finding herself lying on the bathroom floor with none of her love ones around. She refuses to come and live with any of her children. She is adamant about not wanting to be a bother. She is also resistant when discussing assisted living and being attended to by strangers. "I don't want a stranger touching me, especially bathing me!" She so wants to be independent, but that seems to be an impossible dream under the circumstances. Or is it?

One evening while watching late night television she saw a commercial advertising the new Walk-in Tub. She told me about it the next day, and so I went online to learn about it. This seemed like the perfect solution. She could maintain her independence, bathing herself. She would be able to open the door of the tub, sit down, latch the door and control everything from the sitting position. The low entryway meant she could get into and out of the tub with no fear of falling due to the slip resistant seat and floor of the tub. The grab bar on the inside was a big help along with being able to sit while bathing. Standing for any length of time is a problem for her. The shower with the hand held shower wane, the drain release, the faucet handles and all the controls were within easy reach. She could even get hydrotherapy and whirlpool to help with her many medical conditions. The warm, bubbling and swirling water could really help with her aching muscles and joints. The entire tub is compact and water tight due to the door and seal. I was getting excited now. The Walk-in Tub could take the place of her old tub and it was perfectly safe.

The children have decided that this was a small price to pay for making Mom's New Year's wish come true. Now, with the years she has remaining, she can enjoy her children and grandchildren. And we can have the peace of mind that Mom is safe and has renewed self esteem in being able to care for herself in the bath. It's great being able to repay Mom for all the years she has taken care of us.

In this article, I have shared with you my personal story of making my mothers wish come true. The wish for greater independence, freedom from the fear of falling in the bathroom and being able to enjoy her children more without being a burden to them. If you found this article useful or enjoyable, please pass it on to your friends and neighbors. If you have a comment leave it in the comment section below. If you have a question feel free to contact me at the number or email address listed below. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Until next time, stay stress free.

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