How Saving $307 Can Cost You $955

Just like any other industry Tub King experiences buyers who want to get “more bang for their buck”. Sometimes this will lead the buyer to make the decision to purchase a cheaper “replica” of a cast iron clawfoot or freestanding tub. This is not an uncommon mentality when building and remodeling. However, the decision to save a buck today may cost a significant amount of money down the line.

Property inspectors, insurance agents, realtors, and the like have tools available to them which indicate the life expectancy of items and furnishings in a home and use the data in attaching values to the individual items and the home in general. The end result of which can affect the price point related to insuring, renting, and listing the property for sale.

Taking this in to account let’s consider the following example:
·         Tub King’s 72" Double Slipper Pedestal Cast Iron Bathtub currently priced at $1545
·         Competitor 72” Double Slipper Pedestal Acrylic Bathtub currently priced at $1238
The savings at purchase is $307.

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If we were to pull up the aforementioned “life expectancy” data we would find that, IF properly cared for and maintained, the life expectancy for an acrylic tub is approximately 30 years.  I stress “if properly cared for and maintained” because acrylic tubs are subject to chipping, cracking, scratches, and turning yellow over time. Referencing the same data a cast iron tub can last upwards of 100+ years but we will be generous and utilize the lowest referenced number of 50 years.  Cast iron is one of the most durable materials used for tubs and is resistant to most chemicals so does not share the same disadvantages of acrylic which affect the long term durability and appearance of the tub.

Value/# yrs. life expectancy of product:
·         Tub King’s 72" Double Slipper Pedestal Cast Iron Bathtub = $31/year
·         Competitor 72” Double Slipper Pedestal Acrylic Bathtub = $41/year

Now, if the acrylic tub has been treated like gold and reaches a grand old age of 30, what does the homeowner do now; purchase a new tub or have it professionally refinished? The cast iron tub still has another 20 years, at the very least, over the acrylic tub. How does the decision to refinish or replace the acrylic tub factor in when considering the 20 year difference?

·         The homeowner purchases a replacement tub now the 50 year cycle is $50/yr
·         The home owner refinishes the tub now the 50 year cycle is $37/yr
o   Assuming the refinishing job is $600
o   Assuming the quality of the refinishing job adds 20 years versus the industry standard of 15 – 18 years.

In the end, the savings of $307 actually cost the homeowner from $305 to $955 more and that is only taking in to consideration the tubs themselves. As mentioned at the start, the overall value of the home is affected by these types of small purchasing decisions so the monetary impact can go further than the tub itself.

In upcoming articles we will consider other comparisons as it relates to heat absorption, cleaning, and care of various types of material used in tubs. Please feel free to email with any topics or questions you’d like to see addressed in future posts.