The Thingamajig and Contraption Conundrum – Discussed Through Quotes

Do We Really Need All Of The Bells & Whistles?

Tub King asks: - “Why do they keep adding more gadgets to walk in bathtubs for seniors and the disabled?”

Buddy Guy adds: “Why did they keep changing guitars and amplifiers when they were perfect? They did the same things with cars, if you ask me. They forgot how to make them right, because they focused on style and bells and whistles.”

Tub King remarks: - “Now they even put lights inside the tubs for the elderly. The bathroom is lit already. Besides, I’d think it could potentially be an electrical hazard.”

Nicole Kidman shares: “I think candlelight is the most beautiful light there is and there's something very spiritual about it.”

Suki Waterhouse agrees: “I can stay in the bath for, well, the longest has been seven or eight hours. I get completely set up with my laptop so I can watch 'The Sopranos,' put out some scented candles, music. I have a towel nearby so I can dry my hand to change the music or the TV. I make a little heaven for myself. And then I just refill and refill.”

Traci Bingham says: “I love to be in my bathroom with my candles lit, morning, noon and night.”

Affordable Aromatherapy That Won't Break Down

Tub King pipes in: “Yeah, but they toss in “aromatherapy” as an option. It’s nothing more than scented beads placed near the air intake. But if you get scented candles you have both the beauty of the candle but also your favorite scent. Lavender and vanilla tend to be two scents used often for a relaxing environment.”

Diane Ackerman says: “Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains.”

Jared Padalecki declares: “I love cookies baking. During the winter, they have these candles that smell like cookies, and I always buy like a hundred of them.”

Tub King asserts: “My grandma used to call all of those unnecessary ‘bells & whistles’ useless thingamajigs and costly contraptions. Just another thing she felt would break down,”

Richard Chamberlain advises: “I've learned, I think, to be able to distinguish between the necessary and the unnecessary..... Saying 'no' politely is a necessity if one wants to lead any kind of stable life”.

Tub King asks: “So, you are in agreement? Tub King should focus on the necessities of the tub and only potentially bring on a ‘bells & whistles’ model if its customer base demands it and it is proven safe? It is after all, one of the reasons our products are a fraction of the cost of our walk-in tub competition. We focus on providing a high quality product at very affordable pricing.”

Demetri Marin concurs: “I am completely attracted to the idea of simplicity, or at least removing things that seem unnecessary when trying to get an idea out there.”

Peace Pilgrim pitches in: “Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. If you have them, you have to take care of them! There is great freedom in simplicity of living. It is those who have enough but not too much who are the happiest.”

At Tub King, Inc. we offer high quality tubs without all of the bells & whistles. Too many moving parts and unnecessary features add to the cost of the product. The "life" of some of these add-ons are questionable as well. You will not find Tub King add comparable models to our walk-in bathtubs products until which time we are confident in the quality of such add-ons. Our commitment is to the customers, their safety, and their long term enjoyment of their Tub King purchase.