Can You Sleep in Deep Water?

I remember a joke from the past.  "My wife takes milk bathes."  "Is it pasteurized?"  "No, just up to her chin."

We have a number of customers who prefer to take a bath in the deepest tub possible.  Most of the older, antique cast iron/porcelain tubs had 18 inches of total depth, from the inside bottom of the tub, to the top rim or roll top.  However, they were limited by an overflow to about 11 inches of depth.   From the sloped side of the tub,  if you slide down into the water a bit, that's still enough to cover most of the body.

Check out this short video of the Deep Soaker.

Today, the tubs are even deeper.  The newly manufactured  cast iron/porcelain tubs are typically 13 inches at the overflow.  However, there is one model that we carry that is 18 inches to the overflow and a total depth of 22 inches.  First of all, it is dual ended, which means there is a gradual slope on each end of the tub making it perfectly symmetrical.  The faucet holes are in the center of the of the rim of the tub and the drain is also center plumed.  Each of the majestic legs, called Emperor Legs, weigh about 20 pounds each and are available in chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze finish, or a color choice.  The tub is an expressive 73 inches long and 30 inches wide.  From the floor to the top of the rolled rim, it stands 29 inches high.  This tub is called the EXTRA DEEP DUAL ENDED.

Sometimes we have customers that are a little larger than average, and they need a tub to fit their body size.  When someone saw our EXTRA DEEP DUAL ENDED tub at a Home and Patio Show, they immediately fell in love with it.  This was the size they had been looking for.

This tub allows you to really stretch out.  The water will cover the entire body, and the comfort level will always provide the temptation to fall asleep.  Sometimes we get calls that are nothing less than "unusual."  One particular caller wanted a tub where she could completely stretch out in the bottom of the tub.  That's right.  She actually wanted to lie flat in the bottom of the tub!  I said, "Won't you drown?"  She didn't think that was funny, but I thought it was a perfectly legitimate question.  The flat bottom of the EXTRA DEEP DUAL ENDED TUB is 54 inches.  That is extremely long for any tub.  But the woman was 66 inches tall.   I told her that by reclining on the inside slope of the tub, she could get the water as high as she wanted.  I never convinced her, but it was a conversation I'll never forget. 
Extra Deep  soaker claw foot tub.

Not only is this tub a soothing solution to an aching body, it is also an object of real beauty.  The porcelain looks rich and the cast iron exterior looks like it could  last a thousand years.  The only down side is that the tub is heavy, 450 pounds, but it will still be around when  we're gone.

If you are looking for the ideal porcelain and cast iron tub that is long, wide, and deep, the EXTRA DEEP DUAL ENDED is the one for you.

In this article I have provided a solution for people looking for an extra long and deep claw foot tub. The claw foot tub in this article is 54 inches long and 22 inches deep, big enough to allow most people to fully submersion and enjoy a soothing bath in this elegant tub.

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