by Alan Knight

Is your bathroom so impersonal and uninviting that it makes you feel like you just walked into a Motel 6?  Is it just a functional room without any character or pizzazz? Does it reflect your style, charm or whimsical side? Does its style really suit your home and your preferences? If you answered yes to the first two questions and a resounding NO to the last two, then it may be time to consider how to make this room a reflection of your personal style.

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The days are gone when your bathroom was considered a small, functional room. Today, upgrading a bathroom can not only give you a sanctuary that can reduce the stresses of the day, but it can also bring added value to your home. In fact, it isn’t unusual to recoup about 75% of bathroom remodeling costs when you sell your home. A remodeled bathroom can be a feature that makes your home stand out from the crowd.

People are working more now than in the past and need a personal refuge. What does your personal refuge look like? Would you like a sleek, modern style or a more rustic country theme? Is a spa just what the doctor ordered? 
Let’s discover how you can transform this space 
into a personal and comfortable part of your home.


You can make an immediate difference in the look and feel of your bathroom by changing the color scheme. Texture and color play and large role in the bathroom’s style.  Lighter, muted colors give the sense that the room is larger, while darker colors give the room a more intimate feel..A recent blog in Psychology now stated that, “Artists and interior designers have long understood how color can dramatically affect moods, feelings and emotions. It is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood and cause physiological reactions.” (

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Choose the color that makes you feel calm and at peace. Reactions to color is an entirely personal preference.  Remember, you’re creating your personal refuge; the space where you will go to dissolve your daily stresses.  Once you have decided upon the color, you can see the space transform. You have a theme that will guide your decision-making.


1)      Don’t skimp on your towels. Splurging on luxurious towels will make a big splash in your bath. There’s nothing more chic than 100 percent Egyptian cotton towels. Instead of regular sized towels go for the oversized bath sheets. You will look forward to having these ultra-soft towels wrapped around you after a long, relaxing bath or shower. Plus, they’ll add a touch of luxury without adding a lot of expense.
2)      Use calming aromatherapy. What do you first notice when you walk into a spa? Is it the calming aroma of scented oils and potpourri that instantly melts away your stress? You can create the same effect in your own bathroom with your favorite aromatherapy scents. Fill decorative jars with potpourri and other dried herbs. Make your own personalized scents using Epsom salt and essential oils. Place the jars around the bathroom and don’t forget the scented candles.
3)      Baskets and decorative storage trays give you more space and organization. Use decorative baskets to store your new Egyptian cotton towels and show off your good taste. Storage trays come in all shapes and materials that match every style from rustic to modern. They not only add a bit of luxury and style but are functional and will keep your bathroom organized.


A new lighting fixture is a simple and affordable way to add a bit of luxury to your bathroom. Whether you’re seeking a modern, sleek look or total opulence, there are lighting fixtures for every budget and style.


The vanity can define the look and feel of the bathroom. It is a statement piece and you’ll want it to reflect your personal style. Of course, it must be the correct size for your bathroom, but you can find vanities for every bathroom size while still making a statement. You can shop online for a specific size, knowing you are staying within your limits.

Let’s discuss some of your options.
1)      Free standing vanities- These are the most common type of vanity as they are “freestanding” and seated on the floor while attached to the wall with screws.
2)      Floating vanities- These are mounted on the wall and while they save floor space, they also give the bathroom a more modern feel.
3)      Open Space vanities- They feature open storage space and are not covered by cabinet doors. Open space vanities have an “airy” feel.
4)      Vessel sinks- These vanities feature basins that sit on the counter top and evoke a minimalist look.


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Nothing says elegance more than a free standing tub. They can be angular or curved, but undeniably elegant and lavish. They come in different materials and finishes such as wood, enamel, cast iron, acrylic, stone or copper and feature accents like old-fashioned claw feet.

A free standing tub can be put anywhere in your bathroom, making it a focal point. The beauty is they are finished on all sides so the placement is only guided by the space. You can decorate around the tub making the whole bathroom look more opulent. Add a decorative chair to hang your luxe towel and lay your slippers. Are you finally seeing your sanctuary materialize?


You don’t have to settle for mundane when it comes to your bath. You can personalize it by adding some luxurious accessories like candles, towels and decorative jars to give some flair. A new lighting fixture will add elegance or give a modern look and feel. A free standing tub and vanity area are focal points that can help to make your bathroom your own private sanctuary and show off your personal style.

Transforming your bathroom into a calming sanctuary and a reflection of your personality largely depends on your budget and your space. Even little things can make a big difference if you need to start small and dream big.

Until the next time. 

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