Hydrotherapy and Walk-in Bathtubs

by Alan Knight

A Brief History of Hydrotherapy

Roman Bathhouse
Human beings have been soaking in water for therapeutic purposes since the days of antiquity. Some of the earliest documentation of hydrotherapy was by the Greek physician Hippocrates. Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations all have records of the medicinal uses of hydrotherapy.

Hippocrates promoted bathing in spring water. Ancient Rome created communal public baths. The Egyptians believed that adding aromatic oils and flower essences would aid in healing. Practices changed and evolved, and people continued to experience the healing benefits of hydrotherapy.

Natural Springs and Hydrotherapy

Wherever there are natural springs throughout the world, there are people who go to them to soak, to be healed by them, and just to relax in them. Some of the most famous places to “take the waters” in Europe are:

Tuscany, Italy, where the waters at thermal spa resorts are replenished every four hours by a volcanic spring.

The city of Bath in Great Britain, where the healing waters of Britain’s only thermal spring have been enjoyed by everyone from the Saxons to the Celts. The name of the city is no coincidence. (Which goes to prove that even back then there were marketers.)

Carlsbad, Czech Republic, a Bohemia spa town founded in the 14th century. The mineral waters there are reputed to have external and internal healing properties. Visitors can drink from the springs at several of the town’s historic colonnade complexes.

Florida’s Springs

DeLeon Springs
One of the most famous springs of them all is The Fountain of Youth, which is just south of Jacksonville in St. Augustine. Ponce DeLeon and his crew travelled a long way to find it. There’s no swimming, but tourists can drink a bit of water from it.

Visitors can swim in De Leon Springs, which is about 60 miles south of St. Augustine. It’s estimated that Native Americans used those springs going back as many as 6,000 years. Late in the 19th century, De Leon Springs became a winter resort that attracted wealthy northerners.

Yet another popular resort was built around Wakullah Springs south of Tallahassee by financier Edward Ball.  The Lodge at Wakullah Springs is still in operation and visitors continue to flock to it to swim and soak in the springs.

There are many other lesser known springs in Florida, including Blue Springs near Daytona, Ginnie Springs near Gainesville, Salt Springs and Silver Glen Springs south of Palatka, and many others. Floridians and visitors from other states continue to soak in them.

Closer to Jacksonville, the city of Green Cover Springs was a popular resort in the 19th century. These days, no swimming is allowed in the actual spring. However, water from the spring directly supplies and flows through a nearby municipal swimming pool.

Modern Hydrotherapy

Most people know that it is important to drink enough water. However, they may not realize that water applied externally can also treat illness or injury and promote health. This is a holistic type of therapy. Water is naturally soothing, making hydrotherapy an excellent choice for anyone interested in a treatment to help relieve stress. Hot water relaxes the muscles, stimulates the immune system, and causes blood vessels to dilate.

Bathers often experience greater invigoration and more fulfilling periods of relaxation. Modern hydrotherapy is the treatment of injury and illness through the use of hot and cold water. Hydrotherapy can help rid the body of toxins that may cause joint pain and inflammation. It can help in relaxing muscles and it relieves pressure on joints and bones.

Hydrotherapy has become a popular home health treatment, especially among injured people and the elderly. Many walk-in bathtubs feature therapeutic massage jets. Some manufacturers offer dual systems, incorporating both air and water jets. Hydrotherapy has commonly been used to alleviate pain associated with arthritis, blood circulation, fibromyalgia, and other infirmities. Water jets are designed to move water vigorously, while air jets represent a gentler form of hydrotherapy.

Depending on your objectives, the water temperature can be adjusted. The gentle pressure of circulating water can enhance the bathing experience. External hydrotherapy is a simple and effective treatment that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home with a walk-in bathtub. A walk-in bathtub with hydrotherapy can promote ongoing health and wellness. External hydrotherapy can ease stress, relax muscles, and relieve pressure on joints and bones.

Walk-in Bathtubs by Tub King

Tub King offers a completely therapeutic bathing experience that anyone can enjoy. If you find it challenging to get in and out of a traditional tub, a walk-in tub or safety shower could be  the answer for you. You'll experience the healing effects of water on joints and muscles. Our walk-in bath tubs are safe to get into and out of. They drain quickly, have easy to use controls and low maintenance requirements.

In business since 1993, our team has the knowledge and expertise to do the job right every time. All of our walk-in bath tubs come with hydrotherapy jets (hot air bubbles). An upgrade to Whirlpool jets is also available. Your invigorating experience in our walk-in tubs will relieve stress and inflammation, ease muscle strains, cramps, back and neck pain. You can finally enjoy a soothing bath again! 

The Seaspray 051

The “SeaSpray 051” is the perfect walk-in tub for smaller spaces. No remodeling is needed to bring through doorways! This Safety Walk-in Bathtub was designed to fit into your existing tub space.  The “Cascade Model” walk-in bath tub can easily be brought through any bathroom doorway without remodeling or widening the door frame. It is designed to fits in area that have space constraints. 

The Seaspray 051 holds 40 gallons of water. The patented lock system on the entry door has a water tight seal with a lifetime warranty and the entry door has an easy to use lever bar. This model is made of extra thick fiberglass sealed in gel coat and is designed to last a lifetime. The molded seat is 17 inches high to eliminate back strain when sitting and standing, while also providing back support and comfort.

The built-in grab bar for balancing and slip-resistant seat and surfaces prevent falls and the beautiful faucet set comes with a hand held shower. The hydrotherapy system features 18 air jets to provide therapeutic bubbles for easing pains and treating injuries.

The Seaspray 202

The SeaSpray 202 Walk in Tub is roomy and popular.   The “Seaspray” 202 model is Tub King’s tallest walk-in tub that provides easy access with a choice of entry door on the left or right. The  Seaspray 202 is specifically designed for tall people or those who weigh over 300 pounds.

Tub King has many great reviews and guarantees the lowest prices. Call today to arrange a consultation with a bathtub professional from Tub King.

In this article, I've discussed the benefits of hydrotherapy, some of the history of hydro-therapy, the natural springs of Florida, and walk-in bathtubs. If you’ve found this article helpful in any way, please post a comment and pass the article along to others.

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