A Walk-in Bathtub at "Below Wholesale Pricing" - A Warning Sign

Tub King's Seaspray Model Walkin Bathtub

When shoppers are looking at purchasing bathtubs for seniors, Tub King doesn't often find ourselves having to consider price matching other companies as our biggest competitors (Safe Step, Premier, and American Standard) are significantly higher priced. In most cases our walk in bath products come from the same manufacturers but many of our competitors have a much higher overhead than Tub King does, which allows us to buy in large quantities to keep our costs to the consumer low. Recently, however, we found ourselves facing the realization that there is another walk-in bathtub competitor out there who is offering "below wholesale pricing" and is advertising "the lowest price in the world".

I'm about to give them some free advertising. Call it comparative industry analysis.

The phone rings......

Potential customer states: "Yeah, I see you sell bathtubs for elderly persons and I'm looking at your Seaspray 202 Dual System on your website that you are selling with fixtures for $2894.95. I can get it from your competitor for $1995.00 but have to wait 3 weeks, can you price match?"
Price Match That?

Needless to say, following the call, research ensued and I present to you our comparative analysis.

Yes, their price is in fact $1995 for the Model 202 Dual System Walk In Tub. We were stunned a company would sell at such a low price point, their margins would have to be very, VERY thin. Tub King, Inc. takes pride in our price point to the consumer for it being a fraction of the cost of our previously mentioned major competitors but there are significant factors which push their prices so high and it is explainable. To have a competitor be a fraction of OUR cost, though, is perplexing from an outright "how does that business survive?" mentality; until we searched for their reviews and ratings. 

Luxury Spas, Inc. has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau and it certainly does not stop there; ripoffreport.com and scambook.com are just a couple of sites filled with livid customer reviews.

To continue with our comparative analysis, here is what you will learn about Tub King, Inc.

As you can see, our customers love our products and it's not just about the walk in tub price. If you were to read each and every review you would find most of the compliments come from the beauty and quality of the tubs along with our phenomenal customer service. In full disclosure, we do have 1 negative complaint on Yelp which we responded to reminding the customer we had immediately addressed and resolved her issue despite the fact it was damage done by the freight carrier and not related to our product or services (we have since stopped using that freight carrier).

In comparing the senior bathtub prices in an "apples to apples" scenario; at the time the call came in to our sales office our Model 202 was $2894.95 with fixtures. Currently we do have a sale in which that model can be purchased, with fixtures, for $2460 (sale ends 3/31/16).

As the saying goes, "if its too good to be true, then it usually is". If you are getting a STEEP discount for something, beyond what is logical, there is a reason. We sell the same quality walk-in tub and ours not only comes with a wonderful warranty but also the personalized customer service experience and shipping expertise to ensure you are getting the item in a timely and undamaged condition. We all know things can go wrong from time to time but our staff is immediately responsive and customer-centric in our steps towards resolving whatever issues they may have, hence no complaints on the BBB and consistent 5 star reviews.

Don't be fooled by bargain basement walk-in tub pricing from competitors or you may be leaving negative reviews on rippoffreport.com!