The Right Walk-in Tub Option Can Create the Best Bathing Experience

By Kerry Knight

Have you ever wondered if a bathtub could make a difference in your health? What would happen if  your age was starting to challenge your mobility or if we're injured and lived alone or wanted more independence? Most people take baths for granted until there is a health related problem that interferes with breathing. More than that, most of us live stressful lives and a soothing bath can relieve stress in a wonderful way. The right bathtub and options can make all the difference.

Consider these Options

The Walk In Tub provides many bath options.  The tub comes equipped with a seat, normally 17 inches high for ease in getting up and down.  This means you can sit while taking a soaking bath.  Most walk in tubs allows water to cover the body almost to the shoulders.  A warm, relaxing soaking bath can be enjoyed with the faucet controls within easy reach.

The hand held shower sprayer comes with a four-foot metal braided hose that can be pulled out of the deck mount on the tub and used for spraying and rinsing the body while seated.  It can also be hung on the shower wall for a stand up shower.  After use, it retracts back into the tub for convenience.

Another option on the walk in tub is the air-jetted system.  An air pump blows warm air into the water creating thousands of therapeutic bubbles.  This hydrotherapy is not only great for relaxing and soothing the body; it also is good for treating many medical conditions.

Another option is the whirlpool water jets.  Larger ports allow water to circulate and pulse against the back, the hips, and legs.  This is called the massage system.  Anyone with muscle stress, tension or injury will find enormous comfort from this.

Lose the Fear of Falling

Being able to take a bath without the fear of falling makes
all of these options a pleasure to own.  The easy access of stepping up only 6 inches instead of 12 or more inches to enter the tub makes bathing enjoyable again.   Being able to sit while bathing takes away the stress from long periods of standing. With the watertight door, all of the worries of bathing disappear.  Now just sit back and relax. 

When finished, just release the drain and reach for the towel.  In moments, you're stepping out of the tub, with no assistance from anyone.  Bathing with independence makes, you feel young again.

In this article, I have discussed how the right tub, (a walk-in tub) and the right options can determine how useful and or therapeutic a bath can be. By adding the right entry, sitting, soaking, and jetting opting, a person can create a tub that’s functional, enjoyable and therapeutic at the same time. I hope you found this article useful. If so, pass it along to your friends and co-workers. If you have a comment, enter it below. I am glad I had the chance to share this information with you.

Until next time, stay stress free.

Alan & Kerry Knight are the owners of Tub King, Inc and Senior in Jacksonville Florida. Together they have many years of experience in the antique and senior bathtub industries. Their companies not only provide superior products they are also award winners, winning the best of Jacksonville Chamber Award 3 years running. If you would like to contact them call (800) 409-3375 or (800) 843-4231 or email them at 

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