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By Alan Knight

You have to admit, bathtubs over the last 50 years or so haven't changed very much.  And this is unusual in the world of progressive marketing.  People have a tendency to get bored of seeing the same old product lines and eventually long for something different, something better.  Bathing is, of course, by nature, repetitious, so something has to be added occasionally to make it fun and more enjoyable.  Sometimes a shower just doesn't cut it.  Your body is sore, you're tired and all you want is a nice, hot bath.  But forget about the baths of yesteryear.  These days we have Jacuzzi-like air bubbles, intelligent temperature controls, smartphone automation, massaging water jets and more.  There are even self-cleaning bathtubs for those who can't do it themselves.  Technology has found its way into our bathrooms and it's here to stay.

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A recent article in "The Wall Street Journal" highlighted some of the most unusual, modern bathtub designs.  One of those designs was the Wild Terrain Designs' Tub-E, which might be the most perfect marriage of technology and design ever.  Tub-E comes in either copper or stainless steel and its surrounded by a swirl staircase complete with LED lights.  Step on it, and the lights go on automatically, creating an otherworldly effect.

Then there's the tech side: The Tub-E has a unique bucket-like design, so you actually sit in it rather than lying down.  The advantage?  You use less water to fill it up, plus, the Tub-E also comes with its own water-heating system, which keeps the water at a constant temperature, no matter how long you decide to stay in the tub.  Not enough?  Tub-E comes with a self-cleaning, self-filling and self-draining system.  Just press a button on its keyboard and let the bathtub do the rest.

Here's another thing, why read in the bathtub, when you can watch TV, listen
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to your iPod, smartphone or scan the local FM radio stations.  Say hello to the ultimate media bathtubs.  The Bazen AT-956TV Bathtub, designed in Korea and launched in 2013, has a rectangular design that looks industrial (it's made of polished metal).  It not only comes with an LCD screen, but it also offers a DVD player and a radio tuner.  Plus, the tub easily transforms into a Jacuzzi with the push of a button and comes equipped with a digital thermostat so you can adjust the water temperature.

If you want a high-tech bathtub that has it all, you can't go wrong with Water
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Games Technologies' Red Diamond bathtub.  The tub comes equipped with two HD TVs that actually slide in and out of view (so you can hide when not in use).  There's also a temperature control, a hand-held shower unit and a remote control, so you can start to fill the tub before you even step into the bathroom.  And if you had any doubt that the Red Diamond is all about luxury, here's one more detail:  it comes with a champagne holder encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

If you thought tubs had to be boring, you're wrong.  There are some great high-tech tubs out there waiting for you.

One such tub that is receiving rave reviews in every quarter is the Walk-in
Tub.  And no, it's not just for seniors or the elderly.  It has become the choice tub by many professional athletes who want to treat their game injuries in a more private manner.  It is also the choice of many young couples who want a way to treat their day-to-day soreness or pulled muscles.  It has some very modern, even futuristic features:

It's designed as a stand-alone tub that can be placed almost anywhere, if water and drainage are available.  Because it has a seat (which is ADA compliant, by the way) that is not designed to lie down, but to sit up.  This means using much less water to fill it.  This allows quicker fill and drain time, as well as saving money.  It's also more comfortable because the tub is sculpted to fit the body's back, taking the strain off those frequently overworked muscles.  

The Walk-in Tub is typically about 40 inches tall from the floor, which means you can submerge most of the body, allowing the buoyancy to also relieve pressure from tired, aching, and strained muscles, even in the upper body. The tub has a door that is sealed when closed and is guaranteed for life not to leak.  Furthermore, it has a very low threshold, so getting into and out of the tub is a "step in the park." Many speak of the safety features of the tub, which is ideal for the elderly, who fear of and have a propensity of falling in the bathroom. But the younger crowd loves the tub for its relaxing and therapeutic qualities. 

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For instance, there is a hand-held shower for creating a relaxing sensation.  Even more effective are the two jetted systems on the tub.  First, there are air jets, which, when engaged, creates thousands of micro-bubbles that stimulate the skin, increasing blood flow and help with inflammation.  The other jetted system incorporates water jets that pump water to soothe specific areas of the body.  These ports are adjustable and can also be altered as to direction and pressure.  That means if you want more force on a certain part of the body, the process is a simple adjustment.  The water jets create more of a “massaging” action.  Imagine hundreds of tiny fingers massaging an area of the body that is suffering from injury, soreness, tightness, or stress.  Talk about a great stress reliever after returning home from a busy day at the office. The inline heater ensures that the water stays warm, further relaxing the body. 

Our Walk-in tubs fit regular bathrooms
The Walk-n Tub, by comparison, with many of these other future concepts and designs in bathtubs, stands alone when it comes to price.  The tub can be purchased for as little as $2,000 and installation is easy and inexpensive.  This is one futuristic device you don’t have to wait on.  It's here today.   

Take a look at the Walk-in Tub.  It might be just the ticket to creating a better future for you and your family.

In this article, I briefly described several futuristic bathtubs and showed that the Walk-in Tub had the features and the benefits of many of these high-end tubs without the "high-end"cost. Best of all, the Walk-in tub is here now with a price tag that most can live with.

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