Why are the Jets Important in My Walk-in Tub?

By Kerry Knight

When it comes to health care devices, anything worth using or owning is always related to having the right options on that device. Walk In Tubs offer a great example. The reason I say this is because many unscrupulous vendors will try and sell you a stripped model that does not really fit your needs. They usually do this by hooking the prospect with a low ball price. However, once the buyer gets the Walk In Tub home, they soon discover they have been short changed with regards to their health and therapeutic needs.

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When looking to purchase a Walk In Tub, there are usually three major options.  First, the Soaker model, with no jets at all,  provides a tub with all the safety features you need.   They have a door which is water tight for safety, an easy access threshold for stepping over into the tub, slip resistant surfaces,  an ADA compliant seat, and grab bars for making getting up and down easier.  The owner can then sit in the tub, without the fear of falling, soaking in warm water, and utilizing the hand held shower sprayer to rinse the body and wash the hair.  With no jets in the tub, installation is relatively easy, since, there are no electrical requirements.  Just connect to an existing drain and water lines and you're all set.

The Wonder of Hydrotherapy

However, many wonder about the advantages of the jetted systems.  The second option would be to install the air jetted hydrotherapy.  This model should come with 18 jet ports all over the tub, with 8 ports around the seat, 8 ports in the floor and 2 ports behind the knees.  It is designed with an air pump that blows warm air (off the motor) into the water to create thousands of therapeutic bubbles.  This therapy is often called THE BUBBLER.  It is great for assisting with the pain and discomfort associated with rheumatism, lumbago, multiple sclerosis, sciatica, menstrual cramps, arthritis, high blood pressure, migraines, stress, sprains, poor circulation, and much more.   The bubbles are designed to treat the entire body at once.   The warm, bubbling water can do some amazing things.

The Magic of Heated, Jetted Massage 
A third option is the water jetted massage system with inline heater.  Normally there will be 6 large ports, strategically located in the back and around the legs.  There is a water pump that pulses the water against the body to massage the muscles like the hands of a masseuse.  Fortunately for you, the hands never get tired.  The inline heater ensures that the water stays warm so that you can stay in much longer than usual.
Sometimes, due to sensitive skin, a person is concerned about the amount of pressure given by these jets.  What if it is too much force that creates discomfort rather than helping?  The answer is simple.  Each water jet port  is adjustable.  By turning the nozzle clockwise you restrict the force or pressure of the jet.  The jets are also directional, which means if you want to direct the water to a specific part of the body, you can.  Let's say you have a muscle in your back that is tight due to an injury or just sleeping the wrong way.  Just by turning the jet to that spot and adjusting the pressure, you can provide a warm, soothing solution.

The Difference in Cost is Less Than 1/2 Cent a Day
In most cases, the price difference between a soaker tub and a jetted tub, is a matter of a few hundred dollars.  Most find that it is well worth the difference.  Here are the facts. If the life expectancy of your Walk In Tub  were only 12 months, your added cost would only amount to a little over 50 cents a day. Since a Walk In Tub can last many years the actual difference in cost is less than ½ cent a day. The added therapeutic benefits over the life of your Walk In Tub are well worth the insignificant amount you pay to upgrade your unit. You may not need the water therapy now, but someday it might be a life saver.

So, make sure to look at the options that are available to you. You will be glad you spent just a little more.

In this article, I have explained how some vendors attempt to fool prospects into thinking  that their Walk In Tubs cost less by stripping out the features. I further explain the benefits and options that can be added to  Walk in Tubs. These options can convert a Soaker Walk In Tub into a Walk In Tub with therapeutic benefits via hydrotherapy or heated jetted massage. 

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