How to Create a Glamorous Bathroom

By Kerry Knight

You've seen them in the movies and on the real estate channel when they feature the beautiful homes. All the designer magazines showcase them and, of course, the do-it-yourself, flip-that-house type TV shows mention them as well. I’m talking about the centerpiece of any bathroom: the bathtub. The bathtub can make any bathro
om glamorous and beautiful.

English: Black and white tiles bathroom
English: Black and white tiles bathroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are many home improvement TV shows today that cover every decor
ating idea, from planting scrubs to installing kitchen cabinets. Millions of do-it-yourselfers (myself included) watch them and then pack into stores like Lowe's and Home Depot every weekend to buy supplies — all in our quest to become a custom designer. Then we invite friends and family over to see just how talented we are.

In the bathroom, there are many areas where we can get creative. How about beautiful tile floors or fresh paint?  Or a skylight or glass block window?
However, if you neglect the real focal point of the bathroom, the bathtub, you’re missing the mark. The old style, 60-inch, slide-in metal tub, and the one piece shower surround, are both dated. Plus, they don't really show off anything or catch one’s eye in the bathroom. Strictly utilitarian.

Think about taking out your old battle-worn bathtub and replacing it with a real show piece. For example, a Double Slipper Tub, resting just below a huge picture window, or overlooking a panoramic view of the landscape outside. Imagine how peaceful and relaxing your bath time would be. These gorgeous tubs will make your bathroom a real focal point in your home. Consider having the outside of the tub painted in your choice of color, like candy apple red or midnight blue.  The tub’s legs also come in an assortment of metallic finishes, such as chrome, oil rubbed bronze, white or brushed nickel. Imagine how beautiful your bathroom will be. Even more, imagine the serenity of bathing in that beautiful tub!

The free-standing Slipper Tubs tub don't require an abutment against the wall, where it’s lost or hidden. It can stand in right smack in the middle of the bathroom if you want. All that’s required is a little extension of your existing plumbing.  And if there's room in the floor for water lines and drainage, it's not that difficult to manage.

Or, consider adding free-standing water supply lines that come out of the floor and drape over the edge of the tub, where a gorgeous brushed nickel faucet hangs with porcelain hot and cold caps inserted inside the cross point handles. Then add the English “telephone faucet,” which has the hand held shower sprayer. Now you really have a touch of class.

There are other exotic porcelain tubs, if you prefer, like the Single Slipper, which comes in various sizes, or the traditional Roll Top or Dual Ended Tub. Everyone has his or her own personal taste and needs. I suggest you visit a showroom like the one at Tub King, so you can see firsthand the beauty and elegance of the tubs. You’ll get a real sense of the look and feel, and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with one of these tubs.

While you're at it, think about taking out the old bath sink and replacing it with something Victorian-looking, like a pedestal or console sink. They come in many sizes and designs, but they all take you back to times when bathing was something truly special.

Now you're ready to consider the finishing touches of live plants, wall hangings and color. Add Victorian trim to the entryway, floorboards, windows and ceilings and finally, update the bathroom door to a multi-panel one to complete the look.
Remember, your new bathtub is the center piece. Once in place, everything else follows. When finished, your bathroom will not only be something you're proud of, it’s a functional sanctuary you can escape to wash the stress of the day away.

In this article, I have discussed how the bathtub is the center of focus in most designer bathrooms. These usually have Claw Foot Tubs, or a Slipper or Double Slipper Claw Foot Tub. Some will showcase the Roll Rope Claw Foot as the center of attention. Either way, using a claw foot tub is an easy way to add beauty and elegance to any bathroom. That’s why you see them in so many movies and in the homes of the stars.

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