The Most Comfortable Bathtub in the World

By Kerry Knight

We just finished participating in a Home and Patio Show in which we displayed our Walk-in tub.  The vast majority of those who stopped by our booth asked if they could sit in the tub.  

Do you know what their number one comment was?  "This is so comfortable!"  They spoke of how the back of the tub and seat were contoured to fit the body.  There was also no strain while sitting down or standing up, due to the help of the sides of the tub and the interior grab bar.  As you probably know, the hardest part of getting into a traditional bathtub is going from a standing position to a sitting position.  The Walk-in Tub is designed with a seat which should be ADA compliant, normally 17 inches high.  The waterproof door allows one to enter without any awkward movement of the body.   So, even while soaking, a person can enjoy a very comfortable bathing experience.

But let's go a step further.  If you add air jetted hydrotherapy to the tub, the comfort factor increases dramatically.  There are usually 18 or so ports that blow warm air (off the motor itself) into the water to create thousands of therapeutic bubbles.  This relaxes every muscle and helps with numerous medical conditions.  

Being able to relax in warm water is a therapy in and of itself.  It goes back thousands of years.  Back in 1982 while visiting Rome, my wife and I experienced the Roman pools.  The water was taken from hot springs just as it was during the great empire of Rome.  The heavy mineral content seemed to do wonders for the body.

Another comforting feature of the tub is the water jets.  The water within the tub actually circulates back into the pump and is released again to create a whirling or massaging action.  The jet ports are adjustable as to pressure and direction.  Tired, aching muscles receive welcomed relief.

There are many ornate and stylish tubs out there, but if you are looking for comfort nothing surpasses the Walk-in tub.

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