Walk-in Tubs Are Great For Middle-Age People, Too

By Kerry Knight

Being an experienced babe boomer, I know I want to feel and look younger, remain active late into my golden years and remain healthier than my parents did at my age. I wish I had a Walk In Tub when I was in my forties. It would have helped me be that much more healthier today.

Although the majority of those who purchase and use Walk In Tubs are senior citizens, there are others who have found them to be life savers.  One such group would be the middle aged who anticipate a need in the near future.

We recently delivered our Model 202 Walk In Tub to a home that was under construction.  I had only talked to the buyer by phone, and was surprised to find that she was only in her 40's.  She explained that she had a chronic, nagging back pain and said that since she was building her dream home why not include her dream tub.  This tub can help her right away, but it will especially be valuable as she ages.

Another group of middle-aged Walk In Tub enthusiast are very active athletic people and those who don’t have room for a Jacuzzi style spa. A Walk In Tub provides spa benefits without taking up lots of additional space.

Walk-in bathtubs aren't just for seniors

I am finding that more and more middle aged adults are seeing the need to include the Walk In Tub early in their new home or upgrade planning stages.

They know that it's a lot less expensive to install it while the house is being built than to wait a few years and have to take out the existing tub with all the demolition and additional cost.

There are many physical challenges that affect the middle aged.  Many are seeing the onset of some debilitating illness that will only get worse over time. 

The value of water therapy has been documented time and again.  For the younger crowd, who are already having trouble getting around, they will love the safety features of the Walk In Tub. It will all but eliminate the apprehension of falling while getting into and out of a traditional tub.  Most claw foot tubs are actually 25 inches from the floor to the top of the rim.  That is a challenging to step over for any age.

The middle age crowd appreciates the help that walk in tubs can provide.  The soothing air jets can relax tired, aching muscles, and reduce the pain associated with back pain, fibromyalgia, early arthritis and much more.  Did you know that the human body weighs 90 percent less in water?  That fact alone brings rest to a weary and tired body.

Most adults who are middle aged have work stress.  The water jets can literally massage those tense muscles and bring immediate welcomed relief.  The jets can be adjusted to direct the pulsing water to any spot and the pressure of the jets can be adjusted to your liking.

Sleep disorders can often result from work stress.  This is another area where the Walk In Tub can really help.  A fully relaxed body will sleep much better.  The elevation in the body temperature alone has been documented to provide a more relaxing sleep.
There are many reasons to consider purchasing a walk in tub, even if you are still in your 40s.  Taking better care of your body now will result in better health as we age. Everyone should be looking to take better care of his or her bodies.  We will be thankful we did, as we get into the golden years.

In this article, I have discussed several reasons why middle-aged individuals are purchasing Walk In Tubs for their homes. Some purchase a Walk In Tub as a space saving spa, others to address a specific health issues like lower back pain and still other are planning ahead, saving money now on construction and being ready to deal with age related issue when they arrive.

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