Clawfoot Tubs Are Back

... and are more beautiful than ever.

By Kerry Knight

They say that all things in this world come in cycles. You know what I mean. Jewelry, clothing, color schemes, architectural designs, cars you name it, they all have their place in the cycle of what’s coming and going in fashion. Well everything has its place in time and -- guess what? -- Claw Foot Tubs are back with a vengeance.

We recently exhibited at a Home and Patio Show.  It was a perfect environment to display our classic bathtubs, and literally thousands of people stopped at our booth, many of them taking pictures.  Some even asked if they could step into the tubs to try out the different sizes.  We were displaying Slipper Tubs, Double Slippers, Dual Ended, Pedestals, and even the old style roll tops.

We Were "The Talk of the Show"

We were really the talk of the show, and so many shared their experiences with us. A popular comment was, "I remember my grandmother having a tub like this," one recalled, "I can remember taking baths in a tub like this when I was a child, some 70 years ago". These classic cast iron and porcelain tubs can take you back literally hundreds of years in their design. Many were shocked that they were still around.  The truth is they disappeared for a long time, being replaced by fiberglass and then acrylic.  That's when people were favoring convenience and light weight solutions to their bathrooms.

But here is the good news: THEY ARE BACK!  The classic, Victorian look of the antique claw footed tub has returned to turn ordinary bathroom designs into real showcases.  But don't be fooled into buying one made of plastic or acrylic. These can yellow and even become misshapen over time.  Go back to the original:  cast iron and porcelain.  Yes, they're heavy, but they are built to last a lifetime.  I joked with people at the Home and Patio Show when they asked about its warranty. "Is a 300-year warranty enough?" Yes, the tub will outlive all of us.

While some are having old, footed tubs refinished, we can sell brand new cast iron and porcelain tubs for about the same price.  The old tubs you might find in a field around a farm house are usually rusted, cracked, and in need of more help than you can provide without spending a fortune. Don't waste your time. Or your back.

One lady purchased one of our Dual Ended tubs. It was 66 inches long with a gradual slope on each end. She commented on how comfortable it was. We placed a towel under her head as she leaned back resting her neck on the rolled rim.  "I can get used to this," she purred. I remarked, "It's much better when you have it full of warm water."  The tub is going to be placed under a huge window, so she can look out over their country property, while soaking. The faucet and drain are centered so it is a perfect set up for their bathroom.

Our Tubs  Can be Done in Any Team or School's Color Scheme

One of our Slipper Tubs at the show was done in the colors of the Jacksonville Jaguars, even down to the gold claw legs.  We explained to many that we can actually
have their tub done to represent the colors of any team, whether it's high school, college or professional.

Yes, the old look is back.  The Clawfoot Tubs of yesterday look even more modern now then.  Why? Because they bring out some classic features that people want today, like elegance, comfort, and creativity. 

In this article, I have discussed how the Clawfoot Bathtub has again become a favorite of many interior designers and the general public. Like all things in fashion, Clawfoot Tubs are back in favor. However, unlike their other fashionable brethren, these tubs can last a lifetime and their beauty is never in question. That is why you still see them in the movies and in the homes of the Hollywood stars.

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Clawfoot tubs are Back!

Until next time.

Alan and Kerry Knight are the owners of Tub King, Inc., and in Jacksonville, Florida. Together they have many years of experience in the antique and senior bathtub industries. Their companies not only provide superior products, they are also award winners, receiving the “Best of Jacksonville Chamber Award” three years running. If you would like to contact them, call (800) 409-3375 or (800) 843-4231; or email them at

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