Why do New Products Appear? Necessity!

By Kerry Knight

The new year is here and they are coming! You know what I’m talking about, the new and improved must-have's, can’t-live-without items seen on every TV, heard on all the radio stations, and plastered all over your internet search results. The new, must-have
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Every day some hot new product appears in the market place.   It's marketed as something you simply must have.  How could we have lived without it for so long? We wonder where this product came from.  However, a better question than "where" might be "why?"

Another combination of chocolate and nuts can't be that important.  Putting out some new fragrance can't make that much difference in attracting your soul mate, can it?  Most ads are just over-the-top.  Just look at the Super Bowl ads.  Pure entertainment!  They may not sell, but they can sure make you watch.

Someone once said, "Necessity is the mother of invention."  When the public needs something, someone will find a way to satisfy that need.

A few years ago, some marketers started paying attention to aging trends In 1900 in this country, there were three million men and women over the age of 65.

Baby Boomers Haven
Baby Boomers Haven (Photo credit: thinkpanama)
By the year 1950, that number had quadrupled to 12 million.  In 1980, it had doubled again to 25 million.

Today, as our senior population has grown to over 40 million, (that's one in eight Americans). That number is expected increase even more and will reach close to double that by the year 2030.  At a total of over 72 million men and women over 65, that will represent twenty percent of the US population.

After looking at aging trends, someone decided to look for marketing trends. What do seniors need most of all?  What are their concerns?  How can we market to them?

A recent article I read stated that today’s seniors want something very different than their parents had. They want to feel and look younger. More importantly, they want to enjoy life more, stay active, be independent, and take better advantage of their retirement years than their parents did.

One of the greatest needs of seniors was how to remain mobile.  This led to better walkers, wheelchairs and electric scooters.

Another was how to receive help with transportation, meals, housekeeping, and companionship.  That led to the creation of in home health care and assisted living facilities.

Great strides have been made in medicine, nutrition and supplementation allow seniors to feel younger and be more active. This desire to be more active and independent also has a down side. Senior can still get hurt, and once hurt senior take longer to heal. This has lead to all manner of health and healing aids including aids for independent living.

Along the lines of independence living was the need for being able to bath independently in a safe and therapeutic way.  How can I bathe myself without the fear of falling?  Is there a way I can sit and bathe without having to get down into a conventional bathtub, with the awful strain on the back and legs?

In addition, there are a ways to add joy to the bathing process. By adding hydro (water) therapy, just like in a hot tub or Jacuzzi, you get therapeutic results without having to step down into a sunken tub and running the risk of serious injury?

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When these questions came to the light of day, someone found an answer.  The answer was the Walk In Tub.  Remember, necessity is the mother of invention.  When enough people need something and want something, it will eventually appear.

Today thousands are enjoying safe, independent bathing, with all the advantages of huge therapeutic tubs, but without the size constraints or huge expense.  They come in sizes to fit exactly in the space where your bathtub is now.   Moreover, they are affordable and provide a multitude of health benefits to sooth many ailments.   You should be able to get a Walk In Tub with faucet, controls, drain, overflow, hand held shower, grab bar, air-jetted hydrotherapy, water jet whirlpool massage, inline heater, and free shipping for under $3000.   Take the time to check it out for yourself.  It might be the best thing that has appeared on the market for seniors in a long time.

In this article, I have discussed how the advertising industry hypes and exaggerates new products every year. It further goes on to explain why new products appear. They appear as necessities, items fulfilling people’s desires based on their needs. This article discusses the many needs of our aging baby boomer generation. The 40 million Americans looking to act feel and look younger than their parents did. It further goes on to tell how the Walk in Tub was born out of necessity to fill one of those baby boomer needs.

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