Finally, Something That Really Works for Seniors

By Kerry Knight

We live in a world that is hyped and full of misleading advertising. Trust is a commodity that is lacking for a good reason. Lying has become a national pastime for politicians, large corporations, financial institutions and big advertisers. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of honest people, businesses, advertisers and even politicians out there.  Nevertheless, more often than not, we are fed deceptions with gotcha’s in the fine print or hyperbole in advertising.

As a company, we do a lot of advertising and sometimes we get great feedback from our customers.  We know that any advertising of any product is met with a degree of skepticism.  Since we are all  bombarded on a daily basis from TV, radio and the internet with advertising, we begin to think, “They’re just out for our money … and we only have so much to go around. “ Do any of the claims really live up to the hype? 

Seniors, in particular, seem to be a target of bogus advertising.  Why?  Because some imagine that seniors are ill-informed or easily manipulated.  How wrong they are!  Of all consumer groups, none are as educated, savvy, aware, and informed as our seniors.  They have something most others don’t … !  When you’ve been taken advantage of a few times over the years, you learn something.  You learn to spend more time checking things out.  You learn to spend your money wisely. 
You’re not so easily fooled.

We recently delivered one of our senior walk-in bathtubs to a customer who lives in a retirement community.  He really didn’t want the tub, but his wife wanted it for him.  On the phone, he questioned everything.  He did his research.  Then finally, one day, he called.  “I’m ready for my walk-in tub.”  I asked, “Do you have any questions?”  He said, “No, I’ve asked them all.”

After we delivered it and installed it, we received a call a few weeks later.   He said he had started recommending our walk-in tubs to his friends in the community.  He had actually invited them over to use the tub and test it. 

No amount of radio, TV or internet advertising can do what he has done.  Word of mouth from a satisfied customer is the best there is.   He told them that at first he was skeptical.  He wondered if it would really help his arthritis, back pain and joint discomfort.  After using it for a few days he was totally sold.  He also mentioned that he was no longer worried about falling in the bathtub.  Prior to the purchase, he was slipping and taking spills about once a month.  Since using his walk-in tub, he has not fallen -- once.
It was hard for him to admit to his wife that she was right all along, but he finally did.  He’ll now tell you that this tub was the best purchase he's ever made. He had finally found something that works.

What to Look for in a Walk-In Tub

If you are considering the purchase of a walk-in bathtub, we recommend you do your due diligence. There are many companies ready to take advantage of seniors who don’t take the time to learn about a product and the company that’s sells it before they buy. We recommend that you compare features; Are they pre-plumbed? What is covered in the warranty and how long does it last? What kind of professional certifications does the tub have? Does the price include the delivery cost and installation fee?

A Testimonial From One of Our Satisfied Customers

Before you buy a walk-in bathtub you need to review a company’s reputation.  Look at customer testimonials and talk to people who have purchased a walk-in tub. Ask how they were treated and how did the delivery and installation go. Most important, ask how they like their walk in tub.

Be wary of review websites. There are many fake walk-in tub review sites on the internet touting unbiased reviews. Most only recommend the tubs they sell. A good walk-in tub will have many certifications and a strong warranty. We are so sure of our walk-in tubs that we even provide a price match guarantee and we always provide free delivery in the lower 48 states.

In this article, I have discussed a product that works for seniors, the Walk-in Tub. I  explained how seniors are often targeted with false or misleading advertising about walk-in tubs. I also provided readers a checklist that they can use to determine who is an honest vendor, and what walk-in tubs have the best features and value for their needs.

Short Walk-In Tub Buyers' Guide

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Until next time. 

Alan and Kerry Knight are the owners of Tub King, Inc., and in Jacksonville, Florida. Together they have many years of experience in the antique and senior bathtub industries. Their companies not only provide superior products, they are also award winners, receiving the “Best of Jacksonville Chamber Award” three years running. If you would like to contact them, call (800) 409-3375 or (800) 843-4231; or email them at

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