Top Five Ways to Make Money from Home

By Kerry Knight

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Today everyone is trying to find more income.  We all keep tightening our belts, trying to cut costs and budget our hard-earned money.  But you can only do so much.  With our economy floundering and no help in sight, we must turn to our own ingenuity to find ways bring in more revenue.   One way is to start a new, part-time business that requires very little start-up capital and one that doesn’t have too much overhead. 

Here are some fresh ideas:

Pet Sitting

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I read of one woman who lost her job and racked her brain as to what she could do to replace it.  She was already a dog lover and had watched after her friends’ pets while they were on vacation.  She decided to turn this into a new career, and she has done well.  First, most pet owners don’t like the idea of leaving their pets at kennels or veterinarians that offer boarding services.  Their beloved pet is cooped up in a cage 24/7, surrounded by other, strange animals and unfamiliar people. And they’re also subjected to other animal’s contagious diseases. Being kept in a cage 24/7 for several days at a time can be very stressful for pets.  Owners' concerns about what’s happening to their pet while they’re out of town can also cause stress. Plus, they’re having to pay money for the animals “cage and board.” How about this idea?  You can start your own “pet sitting” business.  The pet can remain at home in their own familiar environment, surrounded by the sights and smells they’re comfortable with. They’re not stuck in a cage surrounded by strange animals and visited by people they don’t know. The Pet Sitter can charge $15 a day to check in once or twice on the animal. Another plus is they can retrieve the mail, newspaper, and make sure there aren’t any other overt signs that say “We’re not home,” and that’s a security bonus.  If you sit for five pets a day that would bring in $75. Working 200 days a year, a little over half the year, would bring in another $15,000.  That’s a good part-time income, don’t you think?  Walking dogs can bring in even more.

Lawn Mowing Service


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If you are handy around the yard and have the tools and the energy, this can be a no-brainer.  Anyone that uses a lawnmower should be able to put together a few customers.  Be on the lookout for yards that are not well kept.  Look especially for persons who are elderly or handicapped, who may not be physically able to take care of the lawn themselves.  Charging $50 for even a small yard may only take an hour of your time.  Find a few of those in the same area, and you can see how this might be a good choice for bringing in extra income.


House Cleaning Service

Most people don’t like to clean their own house.  If you can offer this service at an affordable rate, you might pick up a few valuable customers.  Also, many contractors, after building a new home, are looking for cleaning services that are inexpensive.  If you can get in with a builder, you might have all the work you need.  You can charge by the hour, by the room, or for special services.

Become a Handyman or Woman 

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There are quite a few guys and gals that are handy with many skills around the house.  It might be painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, flooring or any number of things.  Of course, many of these require special licensing, so do your homework.  But the point is, if you can offer many skills at once, you have a better chance at more work.  In recent years, this has become a popular part-time job.

Bathroom and Kitchen Refinishing

There are schools that offer this training for a nominal fee.  One of the most popular is taught by Tub King, in Jacksonville, Florida. The all-weekend course is very thorough. The training involves how to restore and refinish bathtubs, sinks, countertops, appliances, and cabinets, and covers all surfaces such as cast iron, porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, laminate and wood. Once you’ve obtained the necessary know-how, then you’ll need to hone and practice your skills.  Customers save up to 80% of tear out and replacement costs and the technician can earn up to $100 an hour.  Do some reading about how this type of part-time job can add some significant money to your existing income. 

 Bathtub Refinishing Training Classes by Tub King

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You'll need to purchase your own equipment and tools; typically, this investment is just under $2,000. In addition to these items being tax-deductible, you’ll probably recoup this necessary expense in a very short time. Some of the equipment you’ll need are a spray rig and coating material, a fume extractor, respirator and other incidentals. 

It’s time for us to realize that Uncle Sam is not a rich uncle. We need to find ways to help ourselves.  Do your research and get started today.  You can save up for something special or perhaps use the extra money to help pay off some bills.  

In this article, I talked about how people are finding it necessary to make more money by starting a part-time business such as kitchen and bathroom refinishing. I shared five different businesses one can do that typically don’t require much start-up capital and that don’t need a lot of overhead expenses. In addition to bathroom and kitchen refinishing, I discussed pet sitting, lawn mowing, house cleaning, and being an all-round handyman or woman. 

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