What’s New in Showers? Sophistication Today, Safety Tomorrow

Safety Suite Showers, new from Tub King  

By Robert Kaye

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What if you could have a shower that could ― if and when necessary ― take you “Back to the Future?” 

“What in the heck is a shower that will take me ‘Back to the Future?’” you may be asking yourself. “I’m going to be dripping wet in my birthday suit; I don’t want to go anywhere undressed like this. Especially not time traveling!” 

Hold on Don’t get your Flux Capacitor all flummoxed. Let me explain. 

I’m presuming many who are reading this are so-called “Baby Boomers”; that is, you may be in your mid-50s to mid-60s. Furthermore, you may very well be some of the lucky ones, who at least so far, are able to live a comfortable, fairly active lifestyle with no impediments to your mobility, range of motion, gait, etc. If so, congratulations.

But let’s be realistic. As we all age, many of us will encounter some temporary and/or semi-permanent conditions that may diminish our ability to ambulate ourselves. One day, you may be in need of surgery that will impair, even if for a short time, your range of motion. Or worse, you may develop a chronic condition that renders you needing a cane, walker or even a wheelchair.

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Now you have to rethink some things. Things that you never once gave a second thought to. If, afterundergoing surgery, for example, you may find yourself in such a quandary. “How am I going to be able to step over the bathtub ledge in order to take a shower? And the doctor said, don’t stand in the shower by myself for at least two weeks.” Or imagine a worst-case scenario, where you’re now permanently incapacitated, perhaps even wheelchair bound. How do you bathe yourself in private, with dignity?

Tub King is Proud to Introduce ...

Fortunately, Tub King, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida has the ideal solution. Taking its cue from innovative and forward-thinking bathroom design trends in Europe, the company now has its own, private label of Safety Suite Showers.

However, these don’t look like a shower facility for the impaired. Elegantly designed in white, biscuit, bone, or various colors of textured dark granite (with such patterns/hues as Almond, Beach, Coco, Mink, Violet, etc.) these showers are handsomely appointed, yet ergonomically configured for your total safety ― facilitating your access into, ability to stand or sit in, and egress from the shower.

In other words, while these attractive showers are great for your use today, importantly they are intelligently designed for your use in your later years, especially should you need to rely on the multiple safety features contained within each model. These showers indeed go “Back to the Future.”

Built in the USA, exclusively for Tub King, there are two main types of Safety Suite Shower models available.  There are Low-Threshold designs, which feature a shallow, four-inch high ledge in front of the shower.  There are also Zero-Threshold designs, configured especially for people who are in wheelchairs.

Each shower comes with a built-in seat, which can be topped with slip-resistant acrylic surface. Or, for a more elegant look, can be fitted with a Brazilian Walnut seat top. Another option is a four-legged seat made of ABS plastic. Depending upon which shower model one chooses, there are three different seat configurations: molded, fold-down, and four-legged seats.

Innovation in Shower Design


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Furthermore, the showers can be specifically configured to meet the needs of the individual. In the Low-Threshold models, the seat ― and entire shower design for that matter ― can be figured on the right or the left. In the Zero-Threshold models, the seat/shower can be configured on the left, center or right. Likewise, in certain models, the drain can be configured to the left, center or right, so upon installation, there’s no rerouting of existing plumbing necessary. (This lowers the installation fees; more about that later).

Both the Low- and Zero-Threshold showers have extra wall handrails to facilitate movement getting into, during and when leaving the shower. These even include a semi-circular handrail over the temperature control knob. The Zero-Threshold models provide extra handrails for its occupants.

Specially designed shower curtains that are weighted at the bottom are a standard feature with all shower models and also include the curtain rod.  While the four different models (one Low-Threshold/three Zero-Threshold) come equipped with different features, in general, each Safety Suite Shower includes:  

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  • 2" brass body drain w/ strainer, expansion seal gasket 
  • 2-in-1 shower valve grab ring 
  • 2-in-1 six-inch traditional curved grab bar 
  • HansGrohe Ibox Universal rough in shower valve 
  • HansGrohe Metris S/E pressure balance shower trim 
  • HansGrohe Croma, three-jet, Handheld Shower set, shower arm mount and hose 
  • HansGrohe Porter E Handheld Shower holder 
  • 6" shower arm and flange 
  • 63" stainless steel curtain rod, 18-gauge stainless steel 
  • Curtain rod cup holders 
  • Rectangular sponge/soap basket 

Starting October 24th, Tub King will carry four different Safety Suite Showers:

  • 60" x 32" with 4" Low-Threshold 
  • 60" x 30" with Zero-Threshold 
  • 60" x 33" with Zero-Threshold 
  • 60" x 36" with Zero-Threshold
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More Good News 

Prices for Tub King’s Safety Suite Showers start at $2,295 and go up to $4,095, depending on the configuration and finishes the customer chooses. Installation fees vary, usually between $1,500 and $1,800.

All Safety Suite Showers are packaged modularly; in either three or five pieces. The advantage? Unlike some bathtub or shower remodeling projects, where the bathroom door needs to be removed and the aperture widened to accommodate a new tub (i.e., a Walk-in tub), this isn’t necessary with Safety Suite Showers. Since they’re delivered in separate pieces, each fits through the door with ease. This also saves on overall installation fees. Nearly any licensed plumber can install one and installation can usually be done in one day.

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Reflect, for a moment, upon the product’s name: Safety “Suite.” It’s not just the showers that are specifically designed for safety. Its optional bathroom accessories are as well. Take a close look at the photographs. Notice that the bathroom paper roll has a support handle, the shelves have a support handle, and the towel bar also has a support handle. User-friendly? Absolutely!

The Safety Suite Shower by Tub King is your ideal, elegant shower for today, as well as your ergonomically configured shower when you go “Back to the Future” tomorrow.

In this article, I discussed some of the challenges that people faceas they age, especially Baby Boomers, which can diminish their mobility and ability to shower safely. I then discussed an ideal solution: Safety Suite Showers, which are now being carried by Tub King, in Jacksonville, Florida. I described the two main model types, Low-Threshold and Zero-Threshold, and then discussed some of the features, attributes and price ranges of each.  I discussed their ease of installation and also pointed out that all of the optional accessories are designed with support handles as well. If you found this article interesting, please share and forward. If you’d like to leave a comment or question, please do so in the Comments section below. 
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