The Number One Question Asked About Walk-in Tubs

By Kerry Knight

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Every industry has one important question. You know what I’m talking about, the one question everyone asks when they see your ads, or call on the phone or visit your showroom to determine if your company’s product make the final list cut before they make their final decision. So what do you think that question is? Well read on and find out, as we explore the “The Number One Question Asked About bout Walk-in Tubs.”

Having just completed the annual fall Home and Patio Show in Jacksonville, Florida, some interesting reactions from the public are worth noting.  One of the items we exhibited was our Walk-in Tub.  Our booth display featured our 202 model, which is 54 inches long by 30 inches wide and 40 inches tall.  It is roomy and with our six-inch filler panel, it will fit in a normal 60-inch bathtub opening.  Most customers are planning to remove an existing bathtub and replace it with the Walk-in Tub. The Walk-in Tub we displayed had all the plumbing fixtures, air jetted hydrotherapy, water-jetted massage system and the inline heater.  Our advertised price for the complete package was $2,695.

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As people visited into booth to see our cast iron and porcelain tubs, they would find the Walk-in Tub very interesting and these tubs elicit the most questions.  What do you think the number one question was?  Invariably, the question was, “How much?”  The greatest concern was cost.  Many had already been shopping around.  One commented, “We saw someone else at this show selling Walk-in Tubs and theirs was $8,000.  Why is there such a difference in price?”
My answer was one that identified different marketing strategies. I replied, “Some companies are content to sell fewer tubs (due to higher prices) in order to save on shipping and employees.  We choose to sell for less and make up the difference in volume.  We make less on each tub, but more people buy them.”  It’s like the old WalMart concept.  They price their items less than conventional department stores, but make it up in more individual sales.  Plus you have the added advantage of customers advertising their good fortune with friends, thus bringing more people in.  I also like the idea that we are helping more people afford the Walk-in Tub.  Most seniors are on a fixed income.  Maybe during their working years they could earn $60,000 a year.  Now they are depending on Social Security and maybe a small pension or 401k.  They really have to watch their spending carefully.  

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I had someone ask, “Are your tubs inferior in any way?  Is that why they are priced more reasonably?”  That answer is a definite NOOur tubs meet all needed specifications and are of very high quality.  They're all laboratory tested and water tested, repeatedly.  They carry a great warranty, and we stand behind it.  Tub King has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which should tell you that we take care of our customers.

Another reason you save with us is that there are no middle men when you buying a Tub King Walk-in Tub. We are the OEM manufacture of our products. We have them built to very high standards and by eliminating the middle man, you save a bundle.

It’s no wonder our Walk-in Tubs cost significantly less. Between what we save a customer in shipping costs, fixtures, installation and direct selling, it’s not uncommon for a customer to save a minimum of $5,000 on a purchase and installation. We even guarantee the lowest price. That’s right, we will meet or beat our competitors' price (and you’ll still get free shipping in the lower 48 states). Lastly, it’s important to ask others about the vendor in question and the quality of their products.  See if you can speak with some of the vendor’s satisfied customers. If you can’t, the next best thing is to view their video testimonials on line. You can view some of Tub King's video testimonials on our website, on YouTube and our blog. We don’t recommend asking for written ones as they are too easy to fake. Of course, you should make every effort to speak with the vendor directly before purchasing from them as well.

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By the time the Home and Patio Show was over, we had over a dozen people that wanted our installer to come to their home and give them an estimate. Even our installation price is discounted so that people can afford the Walk-in Tub.

As a company, we understand what people are feeling.  Right now, cost is a huge consideration.  That’s why we want to be well-positioned in the market to answer that concern.

No matter what the economy is doing, cost will always be an issue with seniors. Tub King is here to answer the need for high-quality Walk-in Tubs, especially for those who are savvy consumers who aren’t fooled by high pressure sales tactics. When all is said and done, our products stand out in quality, price, performance and installation. That’s one of the reasons we have received the “Best of Jacksonville Award” for contractors four years in a row. 

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We hope you take the time to do your due diligence and select the right Walk-in Tub for your needs. Give Tub King a call and you’ll find no pressure, great products, the guaranteed lowest prices and many satisfied customers. We can even offer you a free Walk-In Tub Buyers’ Guide to help you figure out what fits your needs.

In this article, I addressed the number one question asked about Walk-in Tubs (and a few other important ones as well). I further covered why it’s important to do your due diligence regarding researching a company and their products before you purchase. Knowing what to ask makes it easier to compare prices and quality. Lastly, I discussed the importance of asking for and speaking with previous customers whom ou can talk to or watch their video testimonials. 

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