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By Kerry Knight
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How do you know when it’s time to consider owning a walk-in tub? Is it decided solely by age? What about by type of Illness or maybe even injury? How about a loss of vision of just that you want more privacy?
Often times, when people come into our showroom they look at our Walk-in Tub models and remark, “I don’t really need that yet.  Maybe one day.”  Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to spend the money yet.  Others just don’t want to admit their age or physical condition.  
Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to objectively know when it's time to get a walk-in tub? Well, we have developed a questionnaire that makes the decision process much easier than just guessing. Take a couple of minutes to answer these questions and evaluate whether or not your body and mind could really benefit from the use of a Walk-in Tub.  
  1. DO YOU HAVE TROUBLE GETTING INTO AND OUT OF YOUR EXISTING TUB? This might well be the number one reason most are in need of the Walk-in Tub.  As we age, our knees and joints are not as fluid as they once were.  Stepping over the side of a tub that could be as much as an 18 inch hurdle becomes a real challenge.  The Walk-in Tub has a very slight 6 inch step up to enter, plus a solid structure to hold onto while doing so.
  2. HAVE YOU FALLEN RECENTLY?  Every year, one third of the population aged 65 to 69 will take a serious fall.  Two hundred of these falls will result in a hip fracture.  The Walk-in Tub is designed to eliminate falls in the bathroom.  The slip resistant floor of the tub, the interior grab bar, the solid tub construction, and the low entry threshold all work together to create an atmosphere of safety.
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  1. ARE YOU AT THE POINT WHERE SOMEONE ELSE HAS TO BATHE YOU?  We all love our independence.  We want to do for ourselves, especially when it comes to taking a bath.   Those who require others to wash their bodies feel a sense of loss of pride and dignity.  The Walk-in Tub allows you to take a bath without someone else having to be involved in this private part of your life.  It is one of the real highlights of owning a Walk-in Tub.
  2. HAVE YOU RECENTLY HAD SURGERY THAT REQUIRES SOME REHAB?  Talk to anyone who has gone through a loss of motion injury or surgery and they’ll tell you how painful and difficult the rehab process can be.  The air jet hydrotherapy system that comes with the Walk in Tub can help greatly in the healing process, pain relief and stimulating the circulation.  Water therapy has been used for millenniums for this very purpose.
  3. DO YOU SUFFER FROM TIRED ACHING MUSCLES?  Whether you have had an injury to the back, knees, neck or any other part of the body, the Walk-in Tub can offer soothing relief.  The water jetted system produces a massaging action with warm water pulsing against the area of discomfort and reducing or even eliminating the pain.  
    Walk In Tubs can provide real
    enjoyment and health benefits
    The warm water, hydro action and water jet action can really be a great way to soothe the joints and get you feeling better.
  5. DO YOU SUFFER FROM STRESS AND HEADACHES?  Just sitting in the soothing warm water can greatly reduce stress, neck ache, and headaches.  Place a towel behind the neck, lean back, and go to your happy place.  Push a button to engage the jets and find nirvana.
  6. ARE YOU IN YOUR LATE FORTIES OR EARLY FIFTIES AND GETTING READY TO REMODEL YOUR BATHROOM? If you’re in that pre-retirement window and you’re getting ready to remodel your bathroom, realize that remodeling often requires changes to the plumbing and or adding/removing of a tub, etc.… You can save the construction cost charges by installing the walk-in tub now, instead of 10 years from now. The bonus is that you get to enjoy it now instead of later and save the future costs.
  7. DO YOU LOVE A SITTING IN A JACUZZI AFTER RUNNING OR EXTENSIVE EXERCISE? After exercising, there is nothing like relaxing in a spa and letting the warm water, the hydro bubbles and water jets relax and help you get centered again.
If you answer YES to any of the questions above, you should really consider the Walk-in Tub.  It’s a matter of choosing to live a better life and has nothing to do with age.

In this article I have provided a questionnaire that helps people determine if they should consider buying a walk-in tub. The questionnaire was developed from the many reasons presented to us by our customers who purchased walk in tubs. Answering these questions will help you determine if a walk-in tub is in your near future. Now all you have to do is pick the best product and vendor. We hope you take the time to shop our Tub King products. We offer a guaranteed lowest price and highest quality plus provide free shipping in the lower 48 states.

Walk in Tub Buyers Guide
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