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By Kerry Knight

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We recently had a customer walk into our showroom with a rather unusual request… or was it?  They wanted to purchase one of our Slipper Tubs.  They loved the beautifully elegant, white porcelain and the solid cast iron exterior that was designed to last a lifetime.  They chose the Slipper Tub because of the 19th century look.  With the high slopping back and large brushed nickel legs, the customer’s eyes registered “love at first sight.”

Here's the Unusual Part of this Story

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But that was not the unusual part. They then asked if they could also see our Walk-in Tubs.  Now typically a stroll around a Walk-in tub would be considered for someone who has mobility limitations.  That would include those with injuries, loss of motion, or the elderly who are more likely to fall while getting into or out of a bathtub.  But this couple was still young by most standards, only in their 40s.  They had no health issues, so the idea of considering a walk in around tub seemed a bit pre-mature.

No Demolition Required

Then they explained. “We are building a new home, our dream home, and we plan to be there through our senior years. It would be a lot easier to go ahead and install this in a guest room so that we don’t have to do any demolition later. It will save us money and also serve a purpose until we’re older.” The purpose they were talking about made sense. They were going to use it to relax and treat tired aching muscles. Both of them enjoyed working outside. This meant a lot of bending and stooping. Plus, if they had ever suffered some muscular injury or have to rehab after a hospital stay, it would come in very handy. So they bought both: a cast iron, porcelain Slipper Tub and a Walk in Tub.

Walk-in Tubs are not just for seniors

We are all familiar with how important it is to plan for the unknown. That’s why a smart family will invest in life insurance, disability insurance and a plan that offers retirement income. So why shouldn’t that apply to future needs in your bath. The Walk in Tub provides safety features to eliminate the likelihood of falling or even the fear of falling. They have slip resistant seats and floors, grab bars, an entry door on the tub with a low threshold. The step up is only six inches. The faucet, drain and controls are within easy reach, along with air jets, water jets, and even a heater.

The Slipper Tub For The Whole Family

The Slipper Tub they purchased would provide many years of fun and relaxation.  Plus, it will also be a
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beautiful decoration for any bathroom.  The outside can even come in colors to accent the other colors in the bath. A guest who visits will no doubt praise the beauty of their bathroom featuring their new elegant slipper tub. Their children will love it as well as future grandchildren.  Kids love playing in claw foot tubs. But, when it becomes too much of a challenge for them to get in and out of that claw foot tub, then the Walk-inn Tub becomes the perfect solution. 

The Walk-in tub for Their Golden Years

They won’t have to worry about having difficulty getting in and out of their walk in tub and they will most certainly be able to appreciate all the therapeutic benefits as well as the safety features as they have. And best of all they will never have to do any demolition in either of their bathrooms because they planned ahead for their golden years.

So remember, it’s not too early to plan for a perfect house. A little forethought, research and advanced planning can go a long way to making your dream home a reality. If you’re thinking about building your dream home, consider the Slipper Tub and the Walk-in Tub, they are a good match for now and later.

Tub King Walk-in Tub Testimonial

In this article, I discussed how a couple in their 40s were able to complete their dream home by planning for and adding both a Claw Foot tub and a Walk-in tub. Even though this couple was relatively young, they had the forethought to plan ahead for their golden years. I explained how a little planning and research made it possible for them to have the best of both worlds.

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