Placing Your Bathtub on a Pedestal

By Kerry Knight

Items of beauty, works of art and yes, elegant bathtubs need to be shown off. We put movie star on pedestals to show them off, why wouldn’t we do the same for a functional work of art like a beautiful slipper tub.

We recently had a couple in our showroom who were shopping for a claw foot tub.  They didn't want just any tub.  They wanted something that was unique and special, something you don't find just every day.  After looking at our "footed" tubs they announced that they just weren't happy with the idea of a tub resting on the legs of some animal.  The chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze legs that we carry often display the image of an eagle's claw, and bear claw or an emperor's headdress.  Not everyone  is drawn to that style.  So this couple asked if there was something else they could see.  

That's when I introduced the Pedestal Tub.  Many of our claw-footed tubs come with the option of being on a pedestal.  Some call it a skirt or a ring, but most just refer to it as a Pedestal Base.  Most remark that it makes the tub look more contemporary, more modern.
 But it also makes it look even more elegant.  Just after the turn of the twentieth century, the pedestal tub became the tub of choice for the elite, sophisticated, and wealthy.  During the roaring twenties, it was a popular item at parties and new-worthy events.  I remember reading about a party during prohibition.  There was gunfire as the Revenuers came in with guns blazing.  One guy jumped in the cast iron tub filled with gin.  He survived but was very tipsy when he came up.

Check out this video on double slipper tubs
There is a big event-taking place in our city where the theme is a throwback to the roaring twenties.  A couple of reps for this project came by our showroom recently and RENTED one of our pedestal tub for the event.  They said this was going to be the centerpiece for the entire event.

The cast iron and porcelain tubs that we offer with the pedestal base instead of legs would include:
  • The Dual Ended in sizes of 60, 66 inches and 75 inch lengths.
  • The Slipper Tub in sizes of 61 and 67 inch lengths.
  • The Traditional Roll Tub in sizes of 61 and 66 inch lengths.
  • The Double Slipper Tub in the 72 inch length.
  • The Slight Slipper Tub in the 72 inch length.

Double Slipper Pedestal Tub
The pedestal tubs will typically weigh around 100 pounds more than the footed tubs due to the massive skirt.  Make sure to check the support capacity of your floor when considering it, although for the majority of homes, this weight will not be a problem.  The tub will set up slightly taller, so the step over may be a little more than the footed tubs, but again, it's not prohibitive.

The pedestal tub is definitely in a league of its own.  When considering your purchase of a claw-footed tub, you might want to give it a look.

In this article, I have discussed how claw-footed tubs can be purchase with a pedestal instead of the traditional claw feet. Adding a pedestal totally changes the appearance from a more Victorian look to that of a modern or contemporary bathtub. A pedestal roll or slipper tub provides that modern look that may desire and it’s a great addition to most of our claw-foot tubs.

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