How Much Would You Pay For Natural Pain Relief?

As we live longer as a species, most of us seem to acquire more kinds of diseases, have more aches and pains, and in general, slowly lose some of our quality of life. This often means the loss of flexibility and mobility that we had when we were young. Today's medicine seems bent on treating seniors as if they were their symptoms instead of treating them as people.

I’m not picking on the medical profession as a whole, because I know many good doctors and health professionals that really care and help people. However, having said that, have you noticed how many medical professionals are just trying to medicate problems away?  My sister and I have been taking our mother, who has Parkinson’s Disease, to a doctor for years.  She’s 82 years old now, but she gets around as if she were much older.  Her doctor seems to have given up on helping her deal with her disease and, instead, seems content to just medicate her.  Every visit is just a futile exercise in adjusting about five or six different prescriptions. All of them have their own particular side effects and combined, who knows what symptoms and complications they may be causing.  

I know that medication is needed.  You can’t survive diseases that create chronic pain without them.  However, there are alternative ways to deal with chronic pain.  The Senior Walk-In Bathtub was developed to address a number of things: safety, independent bathing, lifestyle changes, comfort, and certainly a natural way of dealing with pain.

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Warm water therapy has been used for millenniums to treat chronic pain.  The Walk-In Tub offers several options.  The soaker model is simply designed to allow a person to sit in comfort while enjoying the relaxing and soothing effects of the warm water.  The hydrotherapy jet (air jets) models provide approximately 12 ports to create thousands of streaming bubbles in the water, which create a massaging action.  In combination with the warm water, this definitely helps deal with the pain that comes with arthritis, rheumatism, swelling, muscle aches, surgical recovery and much more. 

Another option would be adding more powerful water jets, which swirl the water and pulses it against specific parts of the body, such as the lower back, knees, and the hips. This creates the feeling of a hundred fingers massaging every part of the body. Fingers that never get tired. 

The Walk-In Tub has become a great way of dealing with chronic pain without constantly reaching for a bottle, or multiple bottles, of pills.  Walk-In Tubs tubs don't have adverse biochemical side effects nor can  you accidentally overdose on one.

You can’t get up at 2 a.m., and go looking for a massage therapist, they're just not available at that time. Instead, you could go into your bathroom and sit in relaxing comfort in warm bath, while the jets take the pain away. Any time you wish.

And something else: The Walk-In Tub is a great tool for getting a better night’s sleep. I know as we get older, it’s difficult to deal with all the pain and sleeplessness that comes with it. Walk-In Tubs can definitely help sooth your muscles and relax your body to induce a more restful sleep. 

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While our seniors spend billions of dollars a year on drugs and prescriptions, the Walk-In Tub might just be a good way of helping them save money.  I've heard a few say that the Walk-In Tub is too expensive for their budget. But ask yourself this: How much is your health and peace of mind worth?  The Walk-In Tub has never been more affordable. Especially since we offer the guaranteed lowest price anywhere and provide free shipping within the lower 48 states.

If you have a loved one with chronic pain or if you have chronic pain, then look into getting natural help with a Walk-In Tub.  It's an investment that’s provided real relief for thousands of people who have bought them.

In this article, I discussed how  a Walk-In Tub can be used to provide relief from pain. Today’s medicine often focuses on using prescription drugs to treat pain. Seniors are now finding it affordable to help alleviate their aches and pains by using a Walk-In Tub to take therapeutic warm baths, often reducing their need for more drugs. And, best of all, Walk-In Tubs have no dangerous side effects.

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