While Making a Place for Your Parents, Include Room for a Walk-in Tub

By Kerry Knight

Today we see family’s of all sizes, shapes and configurations. We see the kids moving back in because they are trying to save money. We also see adults moving their parents into their homes to be closer to the grandkids and to help them adjust to the ever-growing demands that their aging parents are faced with. Today, it’s all about having the right kind of space for your particular family.

Spring is in full swing.  It seems like everyone is in the mood for working on their lawns and homes.   Some new homebuyers are finding small, dated homes they can go in and fix up.  Oftentimes, they have to add an additional bathroom to make them truly functional.  With a little TLC, they can turn a house that no one wanted into a modern plum of a pick.  Just by adding a special tub, like the clawfoot tub can make the house appealing to more people.

Others are expanding their own personal homes to include a place for mom or dad.   The living quarters will no doubt provide a small kitchen, a bedroom and a bath, that is especially designed for seniors. 

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Many grown children are looking for ways to make life easier for mom and dad as they enjoy their golden years.  Sometimes it's not possible to move them into their homes because of space constraints, having careers to deal with, and housing needs that are just not available.    So, many times they will construct a small addition or separate apartment to accommodate them.  This will require special attention to safety and handicap needs.  If the senior has difficulty getting around, there will be the need possibly for wheelchair ramps coming into the apartment, placing the on and off switch for lights lower on the wall, wide doorways and hallways for easy passage with both walkers and wheelchairs, and a bathroom to fit their specific needs.  Grab bars for the walls will be especially needed.

The bathtub is another concern.  Seniors will want to be able to bathe independently if at all possible.  This means providing a bathtub that is safe and easy to enter and exit.  The Walk In Tub is ideal for this.  These tubs come with a door and seal that keeps it from leaking.  They can actually walk in, sit down on an ADA compliant seat, then close the door and lock it.   The tub can be filled with warm water to chest level, and without assistance from anyone, a senior can bathe themselves and rinse with the handheld shower that is within easy reach.  There are also options of air jets, water jets and inline heater for water therapy.

Three Options for Walk In Tubs
When the senior is finished bathing, they simply open the drain, continue to rinse off the soap and begin towel drying.  When the tub is empty, they can open the door and exit.  The entire process is accomplished without anyone's help.  Plus, there are many safety features to keep them from falling.  There is a low threshold on the entrance through the door of the tub.  The set up is typically only 6 inches.  The seat and floor of the tub are slip resistant.  In addition, there is a grab bar within the walk in tub to make it easy to get up and down.

The Walk In Tub is indispensable for insuring safety and independence for mum or dad.  The Walk In Tub can go right into a spot where a traditional bathtub would go.  The installation is not difficult.  The plumbing will match up to existing plumbing and the electrical usually requires only a couple of 110 volt circuits.

As a Walk In Tub company ourselves, we receive phone calls daily from grown children looking for a solution of how to take care of their parents in their senior years.  We are happy to be able to help them at a price they can afford.  What is really gratifying is to get calls from the children after the tubs are installed.   They thank us for solving a big concern they had.  They also tell us about how happy their parents are with their new bath addition.  So in planning a place for mom and dad in their special years think seriously about the addition of a walk in tub.

In this article, I discussed how walk in tubs are being used by families all over the USA. This trend shows family’s having multiple generations moving back to live together. This is especially true for adult who are making room for their parents to stay with them. I discuss how planning for your elder parents' needs can make a big difference for their safety, and independents. Planning for a walk in tub, verses a standard tub can make a big difference. These walk in tubs can increase their independence, quality of life, provide therapeutic care, additional comfort, provide greater support and peace of mind. In addition, Walk in tubs can come with all the bells and whistles to provide real health benefits without breaking the bank. Adults with aging parents are finding that these new walk in tubs are filling a real need for safety and doing the right thing for helping mom and dad enjoy their golden years.

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