By Kerry Knight
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When the Wild, Wild West was first opened to settlers, anything and everything was going on. Today the Internet is a lot like the Wild, Wild West was in the1800s. Especially if you are buying products. Pretty much anything goes.

I recently received a phone call from a potential customer and she said, “The prices for Walk-in tubs are all over the map.  How do I know what I should pay?”  Good question.  I’ve heard every price you can imagine.  Some have been as high as $20,000, and that’s without installation.  Let me offer some observations that may help.

Enjoy a soaker walk in tub.
When considering a Walk-in Tub, decide which features are important to you. Sometimes I hear from people who say, “I don’t want anything fancy, just a safe tub that I can get into without falling.”  The soaker tub is designed without any electrical parts, with no jets, motors or heaters.  The customer can enter the tub with a slight 6 inch threshold, close the watertight door, and sit down, to bathe in comfort and safety.  The grab bar is right beside the seat, and the faucet handles are within easy reach.  The hand held shower comes with a four foot, metal braided hose that retracts back into the tub with a counterweight when not being used.  This allows a person to enter safely, sit down, lean back and relax in warm water.  This is the Soaker version.  A fair price for this tub is around $2,000.

The next step up would be the air jetted, hydrotherapy model.  It typically comes with 18 jet ports that create thousands of therapeutic bubbles for helping with many medical conditions.  An air pump brings warm air into the water to create the effect of a hot tub.  It relaxes the body and helps with tired aching muscles.  Water therapy has been used for thousands of years in the healing of the body.  A fair price for this version of the Walk-in Tub would be around $2,500.

Here you can see the jets and the heater.
The next step would be to add the water jetted massage system.  This model really helps when treating an injury or back and knee pain.  There are typically six water jet ports:  two ports behind the back, two behind the knees and two across from the knees.  The great thing about this version is the jets are moveable, so you can direct the water force at key points of the body.  You can also adjust the amount of force coming through the jet as to reach your perfect comfort level.  This model comes with the air jetted system, water jetted system, AND the inline heater.  The heater helps in keeping the water warm, so that you can remain in the tub longer.  A fair price for this deluxe model would be around $3,000.

So, my conclusion is you should be paying between $2,000 and $3,000 for your Walk-in Tub, based upon the unique features that you want.

The shipping and delivery of the tub can be another place where companies sneak in excessive fees. Our tubs come with free shipping to the lower 48 states. In many cases, companies will any anywhere from two to four hundred dollars for shipping.

Some companies also charge a separate fee for the fixtures, adding another $200 to the price. Always ask what’s included with the Walk-in tub.

Then there's this question.  “How much is the installation cost?”  There are many ways to answer that. 

Benefits of the Walk In Tub

You may be one of the fortunate ones who have a family member that has handyman skills.  I know in our case, many of our customers install the tubs themselves, sometimes using a licensed electrician or plumber on the side for the delicate work.   There are also technicians out there who specialize in installing Walk-in Tubs.  Our technicians have installed hundreds of these tubs all around the immediate Southeast. 

These should be included.
Unfortunately, some Walk-in Tub companies try to hide much of their profit by charging ridiculous prices for installation.  They may say, “I will sell you the tub for $3,000, but the installation is $10,000.”  More often, they combine the two together so you don’t know what you are paying for each one separately.

Typically, an installation takes two days:  one for demolition (taking out the old tub, if there is one), and the second day for installing the new Walk-in Tub.  This sometimes requires widening a door if the tub won't pass through, or doing extra tile work.    A basic installation of setting the tub in place and hooking up the plumbing and electrical, should cost no more than $3,000.  The bathroom will be put back into working order, cleaned up and all debris removed.  The technician will also test the tub to make sure it is working properly and demonstrate to the customer how to operate the tub.  There should also be an owner’s manual left for the customer.  The phone number for the technician should also be left in case there are questions.

Some  Walk-in Tub companies will not give you a price over the phone.  Always beware of that.  They want to send a high-pressure salesman to your home to talk you into spending $20,000.  They will try to scare you with statistics about falling.  They will appeal to your spouse and shame them over their lack of concern.  Anyway, it often works.  Don’t get caught in their web, just say no!

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Just like in the Wild, Wild West, anything goes if you’re uninformed. Remember our prices, (which are very competitive); the very best model (with all features mentioned) is $3,000 and with a thorough installation of the tub, the price should be in the $6,000 range.  Don’t make the mistake of overpaying.  Compare quality, features and include shipping and installation. Don’t let high-pressure salesmen treat you like it’s the Wild, Wild West!

In this article I provided a detailed description of what you can expect to pay when investing in a Walk-in tub.  My discussion also provides a detailed description of the many tricks companies use to increase the cost or hide their higher inflated prices to fool the average consumer. Knowing these tricks and actual fair prices will help any consumer make a wise decision when buying a Walk-in tub. Take the time to shop and compare our Tub King products with that of any competitor, and we're sure we'll come out on top. We offer a guaranteed low price, high quality, plus provide free shipping in the lower 48 states. 

Walk-in tub Buyer's Guide video

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