Are You Looking for a Bathtub That Really Stands Out?

By Kerry Knight

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There are some advantages to having a stellar reputation and from being a multiaward-winning bathtub business. And, since our company name is Tub King, many people presume we're the purveyors of many different types of bathtubs.  So it’s not usual that we’ll periodically receive phone calls asking if we carry regular bathtubs, like the ones you see in many homes. These rectangular tubs are typically 5-feet long and 30-inches wide, and are made of fiberglass, acrylic or some metallic alloy. Depending upon where they were purchased, their color choices can be limited. 

Our answer is always, “Sorry, we only carry specialized tubs.” We don’t try to compete with Lowes or Home Depot, where there is a variety of standard bathtubs. Our tubs are decidedly different and are oriented towards a more discerning type of clientele. We’re not a “one-design-fits-all” type of bathroom tub dealer.  

You see, one of the things that sets us apart is we specialize in the Clawfoot and Pedestal tubs, as well as the highly therapeutic and safety-designed Walk-in tubs. 

As mentioned in a previous blog, “Building a New Home? Add Beauty with a Clawfoot Tub” designers continually strive to make houses stand out by adding elements of elegance and beauty where homeowners can enjoy their personal time. Many designers are now requesting Clawfoot tubs as the centerpiece of a luxuriously appointed, built-for-comfort bathroom.

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Home builders and home buyers are also following suit.  Many who are building their own homes and/or who are currently remodeling their homes often look to “upping the ambiance” of their homes with the inclusion of a Clawfoot tub in their master bathrooms.

All of our Clawfoot and Pedestal tubs are handsomely designed, exotic, and unique-looking. They include the Slipper series where one side is higher than the other, resembling a woman’s slipper (more often akin to Cinderella’s elegant slipper, hence their name.) These come in a variety of sizes: 57-inch, 61-inch and 67-inch.  We also carry the Dual-Ended series with a reclining slope on each end, which also come in a variety of sizes.  Then there is the “romantic” Double Slipper. They are a huge, 72 inches in length with massive, ornate metallic legs and have the high, pronounced slope on each end.  I say romantic because these tubs are perfect for couples that wants to bathe together, or, if you have several children you want to bathe at the same time, these beauties can certainly accommodate them (and the higher double sides help prevent getting water on the floor as the kids frolic in the bath.) The more traditional Roll Top version that is patterned after the old antique tub is anything but ordinary.  These also come in various lengths.

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Now, we’re especially pleased to offer a new line of tubs that are even more handsome and spectacular-looking. We call it our Artisan Series.  Currently we offer two versions in the Slipper style.

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The Hammered Copper look features a process that involves many artistic steps, much of which is done meticulously by hand.  First, a black aerospace primer is sprayed on the outside of the tub.  This provides depth to the finish and offers a strong base for the rest of the process.  Then, a mixture of copper flakes is mixed in a clear resin and sprayed on the outside of the tub with a high volume, low pressure spray rig.  The third step is to take a sea sponge to meticulously create the hammered look on the surface of the cast iron.  The result is an almost three-dimensional look of stone and metal in extravagant, overlapping patterns.

The Hammered Silver look utilizes the very same process except for the type of metallic flakes used in the second step.  Instead of copper, this time we use silver.  

An example of pricing on a 61-inch Slipper Tub with the Artisan Series finish would be $1,695.  Keep in mind, this is not a refinished tub. The inside porcelain is brand new, and the legs are real metal. The ornate Clawfoot-shaped legs on these special models match the finish.  

We can also create custom-ordered Artisan Series tubs. In fact, there’s no end as to what we can do to fashion a unique and special model Artisan Series Slipper tub just for you.   Share your ideas with us.   Let us know what you’re looking for.  We have the ability to create almost any finish you may require on a Clawfoot tub.  We offer up to 300 different color choices for the exterior of the tub and can match any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore colors.

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Another thing that makes these tubs special is the fixtures.  The goose neck, and the dolphin spout faucet series come in chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.  We also offer the “English Telephone” shape as a hand-held sprayer to give your custom-designed tub an elegant, Victorian look.

So if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed, hand-finished bathtub that really stands out, one that can make your bathroom something truly special, come by our showroom in Jacksonville, Florida or give us a call today. We can create the bathtub of your dreams that is not only unique-looking and that custom-matches the d├ęcor in your designer bathroom, but you can be rest-in-your-tub assured that these tubs will last a lifetime as well.  

In this article, I talked about the different type of specialty tubs that Tub King specializes in, namely the Clawfoot, Pedestal tubs and our Walk-in Tubs. I highlighted some of the different models we carry in the Clawfoot line, including the Slipper, Dual-Ended, Double Slipper, and Roll Top models. I then discussed our new Artisan Series lines of Clawfoot tubs both the Hammered Copper and Hammered Silver. I pointed out that Tub King has the ability to customize the exterior of these elegant tubs, having the ability to match any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore colors. Lastly, I mentioned some of the beautifully appointed accessories we carry for this special line of tubs. 
Come visit us at the Jacksonville Home & Patio Show. We look forward towards seeing you there.

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A Happy Tub King Customer and her Double Slipper Tub

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