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By Kerry Knight

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I’m often asked, “What’s an easy way to learn about the latest trends in bathroom remodeling? You know, what kind of bathtubs are coming out, what’s the latest in Walk-in tubs? Are there new kinds of fixtures, flooring, etc.?” Here’s my answer: Don’t just scour the Internet, go to a Home and Garden Show so you can touch and see firsthand the latest bath tubs and bathroom remodeling products.

Most cities of any size will have at least one Home and Garden Show a year. These are usually in the Spring when people are thinking about working around the house.  Some will be painting the outside of the house, building a pergola or gazebo, adding a landscape water fall, or adding a new addition.  It’s a fun time to attend the shows to see all the new things out there. These shows can bring in as many as 60,000 people over a few days.  Plus, they’re all there with one thing in mind: how to beautify their home and property.

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Some of your major metro areas will have two shows a year, one in the Spring and another in the Fall.  Jacksonville and Orlando, will both host their Fall Home and Garden shows in October this year, and Tub King will be there.  

It’s the perfect occasion to show off our beautiful Cast iron and Porcelain tubs with handsome Clawfoot legs in brushed nickel, chrome and oil-rubbed bronze.  We’ll display several of our popular tubs: the Slipper tub, the Dual-ended, the Slight Slipper, the Double Slipper, the Pedestals, and the traditional Roll Tops.  This year we’ll be showing off our newest production:  A Slipper tub with an oil-rubbed bronze finish on the outside.  The legs are also oil-rubbed bronze.  With a “British telephone” faucet in the same finish, it really “pops.”  It will be on display and I’m sure it’ll be sold before the show is over on Sunday.

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We’ll also display our Walk-in Tub for seniors or anyone with mobility concerns. There are two sizes to fitevery customer and every bathroom space.  It comes in three different models:  the Soaker, without jets; the Air-jetted version, with 18 therapeutic bubble ports; and the Dual System with water and air jets, which carries both systems, along with an inline heater.

All of our tubs at the Home and Garden Shows are discounted for the lucky patrons attending.  Even installation prices are reduced when you purchase a tub from us during the shows. You’ll be able to see the tubs and even sit in them.  Knowledgeable professionals will be in our booth to answer your questions. This is the perfect time to see and compare products side by side. And, you can get a real idea what they’ll look (and feel) like in your bathroom. There’s nothing like seeing and experiencing a product first-hand, before you buy it.

So this fall, go to your Home and Garden Show and enjoy the day. Even if you’re not ready to remodel yourbathroom yet, you’ll get some ideas as to what you can do and be able to compare products as well.

Please join us if you can.  The Jacksonville Home and Garden Show is October 2 – 5 at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center.  The Orlando Home Show is October 24 – 26 at the Orange County Convention Center. We actually have a few free tickets available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  So call us if you’d like to attend.  You can reach our showroom and office at (904) 732-9906. Can’t make this show? You’ll still have the one in Spring 2015 (only six months away).

In this article, I discussed how you can learn about the latest trends in bathroom remodeling by attending a Home and Garden Show. The advantages of seeing and feeling a beautiful claw foot tub in person or sitting in and feeling the comfort of a Walk-in tub in person is immeasurable.

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