Building a New Home? Add Beauty with a Clawfoot Tub

By Kerry Knight

TubKing Double slipper Clawfoot Tub
Today’s builders are looking for ways to add value to the homes they build. Many homes, especially in nicer, upscale neighborhoods, are adding designed bathroom and kitchens. These are two places that people spend a lot of time. 

Designers are always trying make a house more functional, and are also striving to add elegance, beauty in places where home owners can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of today’s stressful life.  Many designers are now calling for Clawfoot tubs as their designed bathroom center piece.

TubKing Slipper Clawfoot tub in Red and gold.
And it’s not just designers and homebuilders who are doing this. Many who are in the market for buying, or having a custom home built, are also looking to add a touch of elegance to the biggest purchase they’ll ever make.

Clawfoot tub sales are up. Many are in the market to purchase these elegant tubs. If you don’t know about this let me explain.  About 150 years ago, Clawfoot tubs were introduced to American society. At first, only the rich and famous had them. They were mostly a European product, and they became very became fashionable after the Civil War.  Foundries abroad, using a mold, would cast a bathtub out of iron.  They would then spray a porcelain glass material over the cast iron to make a high-gloss finish that was both beautiful and functional.  Legs, also made of cast iron, were then fashioned into many exotic designs to fit on the bottom of these tubs.  It became a craze that reached into the U.S. very quickly, and the concept continued for over a hundred years.

TubKing tubs can be customized for color and feet type.
Eventually, foundries in the U.S. began to close due to lack of demand.  They were being replaced by a new substance called fiberglass.  It was much more cost effective and the units were not nearly as heavy.  The one piece shower surround became the new craze.

Today, many are returning to the retro look of the antique Clawfoot tubs.  Most have to be imported, but the quality is the same.  The advantage today is there are more shapes and sizes to choose from.  The Slipper Tub, especially, is a hot item.  Made of cast iron and porcelain, these tubs have the pronounced slope on one end of the tub that has been seen on many movie sets.  It is exotic-looking to say the least, and especially attractive for ladies.  The exterior of the tub can be done in any color and the legs can come in many different metallic finishes.

At TubKing, we can create one just fro your taste & budget.
We’ve found that many who are in the process of building a new home have created ways to really glamorize their bathrooms.  Most builders will put in the standard 5-foot fiberglass shower surround or an acrylic garden tub.  These are all too common.  A better choice might be to talk to your builder about making an exchange.  Get a credit for his fiberglass tub and purchase one of the classic Clawfoot tubs.  It will immediately add perceived value to your home and become the centerpiece for decorating your bathroom.

I’m currently in the process of building a new home and have already told the builder I didn’t want his standard tub.  I’ll put in my own cast iron and porcelain Slipper Tub.  The faucet, drain, water supply lines and the legs will be oil-rubbed bronze. It will also have the “English Telephone Faucet” with sprayer.  Yes, there will be a separate shower stall, but this tub will be the focal point of the entire bathroom.

Another TubKing Clawfoot tub.
You spend a lot of time designing a home; do something special in one of your bathrooms.  You can even make it into your own private oasis. Guests will love it, and you’ll get a hundred years of use out of your Clawfoot and your bathroom will be the envy of all who visit.

In this article, I discussed how you can have a new Clawfoot tub installed in that new house you’re planning to buy instead of having to settle for a plain old shower/tub combo. Many home builders and designers are using Clawfoot tubs as a showcase item to bring elegance and beauty to the designer home they’re selling. In many cases, you can get a credit for the planned tub or shower enclosure in exchange for the Clawfoot tub.

Customer testimonial for a clawfoot tub.

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