The Future of Bathtubs is Now!

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By Alan Knight

Technology truly runs faster than the mind can think.  What was science fiction yesterday is now sitting on the store shelves tagged for purchase.  Someone told me recently, “If you don't keep up with technology it will leave you behind.”  He is absolutely right.  There are people out there who are working tirelessly to come up with something new, better and more breathtaking than what the present offers.  What can we expect in the coming years?  It may surprise you.

A Time Machine.  A great actor has died. He died January 8, just a few days ago.  He was 84 years of age.  Rod Taylor was one of my personal
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favorites.  His two greatest films, as an actor, were “The Birds,” an Alfred Hitchcock iconic film, and “The Time Machine” based on the classic novel by H. G. Wells.  The movie was made in 1960, but the following it created is enormous.  There are fan clubs and techno groups who strive to find the key to time travel just because of the theme of some movie.  There are even books written today about how to build your own time machine.  The movie, “Somewhere in Time,” was based on a professor who had written a book on how to break the code of time travel.  So, will it ever happen?  Will we ever be able to travel into the past or the future?  Some say yes.  It may take a while, but don't be surprised.

A FORCE FIELD TO PROTECT AGAINST HARMFUL RADIATION.  As NASA gears up for a trip to Mars and additional trips to
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the moon, there is serious talk about how to protect Astronauts against harmful radiation.  Outside of low orbit Earth, space is awash with radiation from the Sun and deep galactic sources like Super Nova’s.  There is concern that space travelers could be exposed to and develop cancer and other unforeseen illnesses.  And, if it is true that the earth is losing more and more of its protective shield, the research to develop a force field might be an urgent one.  Science has produced some interesting conclusions thus far.  One is that like particles repel.  We've all heard, opposites attract and like repels.  It is also true of radioactive particles.   If a citizen of earth wore a suit that generated the same positive particles, the invading particles would simply bounce off.  Who knows, maybe this will save the entire planet someday.

FLYING CARSHave you ever been sitting in traffic (I mean a real
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parking lot size traffic jam) and wished that you could just detach yourself from the hot asphalt and leave the road in flight.  Many of us spend an hour or so a week stuck in traffic.  The main cause of this is the ever increasing population on the road, but there is another reason. Modern technology has not kept up with the demand for better solutions in travel.  Maybe we need to create a new system of transportation that doesn't rely so much on roads.  In the last century, we have seen airplanes and mass produced cars change the way we live.  We have been able to move farther away from cities and flight has cut travel time to a very small percentage.  Believe it or not, much progress has taken place over the last couple of decades in making a flight-car safe and affordable.  The Jetsons were not so far-fetched after all.

Now for one that is already just around the corner.  SMART TV IS
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SOON!  What is it exactly?  It is a big screen, fully integrated computer system with the same technology that powers our favorite handheld devices.  It will enable viewers to fully access all multimedia content-broadcast, internet, satellite, social media.  You'll have apps, endless streaming, and major search capabilities.  You'll be able to see anything you want, whenever you want.  You'll be able to interact with advertising, order products, create entertainment, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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ELECTRICAL CLOTHING.  One of the most interesting developments in recent science is that of NANORIBBONS.    Rubber films developed by researchers at Princeton University, could power mobile devices and other electronic devices.  The silicone sheets are embedded with ceramic nanoribbons that generate electricity when flexed, transforming mechanical energy to electrical energy.  Materials made from this fabric, such as shoes, could power everything from iPod’s to pacemakers just from the friction created from moving.  A vest woven with this material could take advantage of the act of breathing, thus harnessing the electrical friction created from the movement.

Now most of this sounds far-fetched, but again, technology is moving faster
One of  several models of Tub King Walk In Tubs
than you think.  Imagine something as simple as a BATHTUB.  No one would consider this an advance in technology, yet just a little over a hundred years ago, bathtubs were considered a luxury not a common thing at all.  They have advanced in many ways.  They are far more attractive than the wooden buckets and tin drums of earlier years.  We now have beautiful porcelain tubs, in every shape and size.  However, the greatest advancement for the bathtub may have already arrived.  It is called the WALK IN TUB

For years, those with mobility challenges had to rely on others to help them bathe.  Oftentimes taking a bath was simply using a wet sponge with a basin of water.  Why?  Because getting into the traditional bathtub became impossible.  When you can't lift your legs, and if you have trouble keeping your balance, there is always the fear of falling and the possibility of serious or fatal injury.  That's why science created the walk in tub. 

The tub is completely self-contained.  There is a door on the tub that is watertight, and it can be entered without effort due to the very low threshold.  There is even a seat in the tub so that loss of balance or light-headedness is not an issue.  There are additional safety features such as grab bars and slip-resistant floors and seats to take away the worry of falling. But what really makes this tub something ahead of its time, are the therapeutic benefits.  The tubs come with air and water pumps that provide jetted systems to relax and soothe the body.  The warm water therapy actually treats many medical conditions and provides welcome relief from pain.  The old days of having to use an outdoor hot tub or worse yet step down into a deep recessed tub for water therapy has been replaced by the best that science can offer:  The Walk In Tub.

Who knows where science will take us next.  Hopefully some great things lie ahead, such as a cure for cancer, free power for everyone, or the proverbial Fountain of Youth.  But for the time being, science is doing pretty well.  As long as man can dream, great things can and will happen.

In this article, I discussed many of the exciting things that the future will bring including some innovation like the walk in tub that are already here.  From science fiction to science fact is what the future brings. This is especially true in the areas of health.  In particular, our health as we age. I point out that today science has already brought us the walk in tub and all the therapeutic benefits it has to offer.

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