Can Walk-in Tubs Help with Pain?

By Alan Knight

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Make no mistake, we all deal with pain on a daily basis.  Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican and potential presidential candidate spoke out recently, “Over half the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts.  Join the club,” he said to laughter.  “Who doesn’t get up a little anxious for work every day and their back hurts?  Everybody over 40 has a little back pain.” 

The Social Security Administration has provided benefits to people with disabilities since President Dwight Eisenhower signed legislation in 1956.  The program is intended to provide cash assistance to people who are disabled for a year or longer and cannot work or can only work menial jobs for little pay (about $1,000 a month.)  The number of individuals receiving disability has been on an upward trajectory for decades.  In 1970, there were less than two million beneficiaries; now, the program has surpassed 10 million, far outpacing U.S. population growth.  Nearly two-thirds of people on disability are 50 or older. And with aging Baby Boomers continuing to swell the country’s demographics, this number is expected to climb even more.

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The purpose of Paul’s comments was to establish that the large growth in the program has sparked claims of waste, fraud and abuse.  It was reported in an audit of disability insurance in 2013, the Government Accountability Office estimated that in the fiscal year 2011, the Social Security Administration made $1.29 billion in potential cash benefit overpayments to about 36,000 individuals who were working and making more than $1,100 a month.

Living With Chronic Pain

Headlines like the one above are a distraction from a real problem, and that is the number of real, legitimate cases of people with chronic pain who deal with it on a daily basis.  Many are getting no help from the government and have to turn to sometimes expensive and potentially dangerous prescription drugs to dull their pain.

Many times, chronic pain conditions develop over many years and are difficult to manage without the use of medication and injections.  Living with chronic pain is very difficult, and people who suffer from chronic pain know how it can disrupt and damage their lives.  It can be nearly impossible to enjoy normal daily activities. 
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Here’s a list of some of the primary causes of chronix pain that people suffer from:
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer pain
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Joint Pain
  • Back, neck and musculoskeletal pain
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Vascular insufficiency
  • Post-traumatic pain
  • Spinal nerve pain
  • Cervical or lumbar disc herniation
  • Acute herpes or shingles

It’s hard to imagine anyone today who is approaching retirement age who’s not suffering from pain in some part of their body.  The question is, “Where do we turn for relief?”  In most cases, medicines are necessary and for certain conditions, there are various invasive treatments available, such as surgery.

Good News for Pain Sufferers

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But is there something that can be done in the comfort of your own home, without dangerous side effects, to help with pain?  The answer is, yes. The Walk-in Tub has proven to be a godsend for many people.

I vividly remember receiving a call a few years ago from a customer who was thanking me for providing them with a Walk-in Tub.  She praised the many features of the tub, noting the safety features that made it easier for her husband to get into and out of the Walk-in Tub.  She loved the fact that her husband could now bathe himself without any assistance.  And then she made a comment that caught me by surprise.  She said, “I have one problem with our Walk-in Tub.  I can’t get my husband out.”  At first I thought she was saying that there was an emergency and that her husband was stuck in the tub and that she physically couldn’t remove him, but she laughed and said, “No, he just doesn’t want to get out.  He has lived with pain for so long that the effect of the air jet bubbles and the water jet whirlpool system, which massage his body with soothing warm water, makes him want to stay in the tub all day.”  She added that it was not uncommon for him to stay in the tub for an hour at a time.

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The Walk-in Tub will not cure the specific cause of certain types of pain.  But it is one of the best ways I know to deal with and help relieve pain on a daily basis.  The many processes that cause pain can be positively affected by the use of warm water hydrotherapy

The compact Walk-in Tub unit will fit in any bathroom and provide you with your own specialized spa.  It comes in two sizes, with an extra wide door with a low-threshold for entering and exiting.  The water-tight rubber seals guarantee against leaking.  It has a slip-resistant floor and seat, an interior grab bar, controls within easy reach, modern-looking chrome faucet, fast draining system, hand-held shower sprayer with a four-foot metal braided hose for rinsing the body, air jet hydrotherapy, water jet whirlpool massage, and inline heater for keeping the water warm.  The Walk-in could very well be the best thing that has come along for pain management in many years.

In this article, I first discussed how the federal government, through the Disability Act, has been trying to provide aid and assistance to those individuals who are living with chronic pain. However, I pointed out that due to increasing numbers of recipients, it’s becoming more difficult to attain, and the system is rife with fraud. I then shared some of the symptoms and conditions that are common causes of pain for millions. I then pointed out how Walk-in Tubs, due to their hydrotherapeutic technology, can help reduce, alleviate and better manage different types of pain.

Customer Testimonial for Tub King's Walk-in Tub

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