The World's Most Expensive Bathtubs

By Alan Knight
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Many of us have dreamt that we were rich. That money was no object. We could go where ever we want. Stay where ever we want and buy whatever we want. Imagine the possibilities of what you could do.

If you had unlimited resources, what would be on your shopping list?  Imagine being able to purchase anything you wanted without having to look at the price tag.  Imagine being able to purchase any home, any car, or take any vacation without having to consider, “How much?”  One of your favorite shopping sprees might be to decorate your new palace.  Let's consider: What would you pay for a one-of-a-kind bathtub? Here are a few options:

The $47,000 Question

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What if you could laze around in a very, very unique bathtub that costs more than many homes?  You might choose “The Red Diamond” bathtub by Water Games Technologies, priced at a modest $47,200.  This unique tub is bright red and designed for two people.  The console of the tub is framed in gold.  To be precise, 42 grams of 18k gold.  The Swarovski crystals control two waterproof HDTVs that remain hidden when not in use.  There are massage functions, multicolored light systems, a hand-held shower unit, and an automatic disinfection center.  There is even a Swarovski-coated champagne holder.  This tub is not for the faint of wallet, but if you have the money, no problem.

Solid Copper Tub for a Modest $67 Grand!

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Another option while you're shopping might be the Kallista Archeo Copper Bathtub, made of “solid” copper.  It was hand-crafted by the very people that refurbished the torch on the Statute of Liberty.  The tub is five feet long and thirty inches wide and is spacious enough to accommodate most anyone.  The fluted faucet and hand-held shower carries the same aesthetic quality as the rest of the tub.    The engraved starfish-on-seashell knobs is the final touch.  This tub can be yours for the modest price of $67,557.

Now We Step Up to the Big Leagues
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The Baldi Malachite bathtub, shaped like a boat, is designed by Luca Bojola and is made of turquoise malachite with 24 k gold-plated Clawfoot legs.  The price is a step up from the others at $222,000.

Finally, the Baldi Rock Crystal bathtub is a three-person tub, obviously designed for more decadent tastes.  It was created in 2008 and shown at the Salone de Mobile with a price-tag of $790,310. It was carved from a single piece of Amazonian rock crystal, measuring over eight feet in diameter.  It was created for Harrod's in London, and it shows.  The exterior was left rough cut to give it a unique design edge.  Baldi even offers a rock crystal basin to compliment the exquisite bathtub.   

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By the way it did sell, going for $850,000. I don't know how they come up with the prices for these tubs, but remember, if you have an unlimited budget, what's an extra $800,000 here or there?

Who Says Money is No Object?

I've always loved the tag line, “Money is no object.”  There are a hand-full of people in the world who can actually say that and mean it, but what about the rest of us?  Most of us, as in 99.9% of the population, do have to budget our expenditures.  We all want the finest in d├ęcor, but we have to reign in our spending and move from unlimited opulence to practicality.  So, let me talk briefly about how you can have a bathtub that looks priceless without having to break the bank.

Tub King Slipper Tub
Of all the tubs on the market today, none seem to carry the look of luxury and elegance like the cast iron/porcelain tubs.  The porcelain (glass) finish is smoother than silk and the shine will rival any precious metal.  On the Clawfoot models, the legs come in many metallic finishes, like chrome, brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze.  The faucet, drain, overflow, water-supply lines, and other accessories can come in the same metallic finish as the legs, making for a perfect ensemble. A more contemporary design these days is the cast iron/porcelain Pedestal tubs, where a pedestal replaces the feet. 

Luxury Without the Luxury Price

Tub King Double Slipper Tub
The unique shapes and sizes provide a fit for any bathroom with a style for every taste.  You can choose the popular Slipper Tub with the dramatic, high slope at the end of the tub for reclining or the Double Slipper with the high back on both ends of the tub, making it perfect for two people. Another popular model is the Dual-ended tub.  It is perfectly symmetrical with a slight slope on each end and a center drain.  For more traditional tastes, there is the Rolled Rim tub, designed after the shape that was popular in the early part of the 20th century.  
Tub King Slipper Tub

The sizes can vary from 48 inches in length to 75 inches, allowing the tub to fit in any bathroom.  And the great thing about the cast iron/porcelain tub is that it is affordable for anyone.  Prices start under a thousand dollars, and it will make any bathroom look like a palace.  I remember a customer coming into our showroom a few months ago.  He noticed our hammered copper finish on a Slipper Tub.  It was actually sitting on a showcase stage.  He pointed to it and said, “I want that one.  Can we load it up?”  I said, “Don't you want to know the price?”  His answer surprised me, “No, it doesn't matter.”  He still got away for under $2,000 and was very happy with it.

Price Does Matter Today

We're not all “made of money.”  Even with beautiful porcelain tubs there can be wide swings in prices for models from various companies.  Tub King, Inc., has been careful to keep prices affordable for all shoppers.  Make sure you take a look and let your budget be your guide.

In this article, I discussed the some of the most expensive bathtubs in the world and yet, also discussed how the average person can still afford the luxurious look and feel of a cast iron/porcelain Clawfoot or Pedestal tub. This article shows that even when price matters, you can still get a high-quality, beautiful Clawfoot or Pedestal tub for under $1,000.

Until next time. 

Customer Testimonial for Tub King's Cast iron/Porcelain Pedestal Tub

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