What’s Trending in … Bathroom Design?

By Alan Knight

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One of the newly evolved expressions of our modern, online-oriented times is “what’s trending?” The phrase has become nearly ubiquitous, especially regarding social media as in, “What’s trending on Twitter?” “What’s trending on Facebook?” There’s even a successful live, interactive TV show on YouTube entitled, “What’s Trending?”  

From online virtual reality, to real-life, pundits and people are talking and texting and tweeting about what’s trending.  What’s trending in music? What’s trending in food? What’s trending in fashion? What’s trending in cars? What’s trending in weight loss? What’s trending in ________? 

Our own industry is no different.  In fact, there are several top bathroom design trends that have been cited by over 420 building design and construction professionals who belong to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).  

We Tend to Trend


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Always on the cutting edge, several of Tub King’s premier products are also in the NKBA’s uppermost list of what’s trending.  

 “When it comes to kitchen and bath design trends for both single-family and multifamily residences,” the NKBA points out, “contemporary is in, with clean, minimal lines and little ornamentation.”  It says that nowadays, consumers want their bathrooms to be “spaces to retreat and relax … with luxurious details whenever possible.” 

According to these industry professionals, consumers are seeking more universal design features in both their kitchens and baths. “A majority of respondents anticipate adding more of these features …” a survey stated.  Other bathroom “want-list” items include comfort-height toilets and vanities.  Always ahead of the curve, several of Tub King’s products are in the NKBA’s uppermost wanted list:

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As far as colors go, whether it’s paint or tile, beige, bone and gray are the most popular colors.  All of our bathtubs ― whether we’re talking or cast iron/porcelain Pedestal and Clawfoot Tubs Walk-in Tubs ― are available in those predominantly neutral colors.  Especially regarding our Pedestal and Clawfoot tubs, these are available in any exterior or interior color you prefer.  Want a stand-alone tub with a gray exterior and a beige interior?  No problem. Simply bring us your bathroom’s color scheme, and we’ll match and/or complement it.  

Chrome faucets are also trending. Of course, all of our tubs and showers are available with chrome faucets, temperature and additional controls, hand-held shower wands, shower heads, safety grab bars, etc. 

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Regarding colors for our Safety Suite Showers, (see trends regarding: No-Threshold showers below), they’re also available in a variety of tile color configurations, including trendy, neutral colors such as white, biscuit, or bone, as well as delicious-sounding and looking colors of textured dark granite (with such patterns/hues as Almond, Beach, Coco, Mink, Violet, etc.)

Universal design is becoming more universal. Consumers have been indicating they prefer universal design/accessible bathrooms for several years now.  Tub King’s Walk-in Tubs feature very low threshold, water-tight doors that allow easy entry into and exiting from the hydrotherapeutic bathtub.  As far as showers go, our new Safety Suite Showers are available in both Low-Threshold and Zero-Threshold models, both of which provide safe and easy access and egress from the shower. 

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Soaking tubs are in the spotlight.  No problem here.  Both our cast iron/porcelain tubs and our Walk-in tubs are perfect for luxuriating, healthy soaking sessions.  Some respondents said they prefer freestanding, non-jetted tubs ― again, we have you covered ― as these are available both in our Walk-in “Soaker” model as well as our stand-alone, cast iron/porcelain tubs.  Given the fact many consumers indicated they prefer more modern-looking bathrooms and bathtubs, our stand-alone cast iron/porcelain Pedestal Tubs (sans the Clawfoot-shaped feet) are perfect for any bathroom.  Furthermore, these elegant tubs are available in several different designs and sizes, including our Roll-Top, Dual-Ended, Slipper and Double Slipper models. 

Shower seating is here to stay.  All of our Safety Suite Shower models can be configured with built-in seating.  The bottom line (pun intended)? You decide what type of seating configuration you’d like to have in your shower and what type of seat you’d prefer.  Seats can be topped with a slip-resistant acrylic surface, or, if you prefer something more regal-looking, you can have a Brazilian Walnut seat top and back.  You can also have a four-legged seat made of ABS plastic. And, depending upon which shower model you choose, there are three different seat configurations, molded, fold-down or four-legged.  

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No holding back on no-threshold showers.  Again, our Safety Suite Showers fit this trend perfectly.  OurLow-Threshold designs have a shallow, four-inch high ledge in the front of the shower, while the Zero-Threshold designs are ideal for those who are wheelchair-bound.

While the different models (one Low-Threshold/six Zero-Threshold) come equipped with different features, in general, each Safety Suite Shower includes:  

  • 2" brass body drain w/ strainer, expansion seal gasket
  • 2-in-1 shower valve grab ring
  • 2-in-1 six-inch traditional curved grab bar
  • HansGrohe Ibox Universal rough in shower valve
  • HansGrohe Metris S/E pressure balance shower trim
  • HansGrohe Croma, three-jet, Handheld Shower set, shower arm mount and hose
  • HansGrohe Porter E Handheld Shower holder
  • 6" shower arm and flange
  • 63" stainless steel curtain rod, 18-gauge stainless steel
  • Curtain rod cup holders
  • Rectangular sponge/soap basket 

Made in the southeast U.S. exclusively for Tub King, we currently carry several different Safety Suite Showers configurations: 
  • 60" x 32" – 4" Low-Threshold
  • 60" x 30" – Zero-Threshold
  • 60" x 33" – Zero-Threshold
  • 60" x 36" – Zero-Threshold
  • 48" x 36" – Zero-Threshold
  • 54" x 30" – Zero-Threshold
  • 54" x 36" – Zero-Threshold 

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Furthermore, what makes our Safety Suite Showers even more special and ahead of the trending curve is that you can also order/have installed such items as the bathroom paper roll, towel bar and shelves, all of which feature a handsomely designed, yet sturdy, built-in grab bar, making your entire bathroom much safer than ever before.

In this article, I shared some of the trending bathroom designs and equipment that building design and construction professionals who belong to the National Kitchen and Bathroom and Design Association have discussed.  I pointed out that in all of these ongoing trends, Tub King has bathtubs ― both our Walk-in and Cast iron/Porcelain tubs ― as well as our Low- and Zero-Threshold showers and accompanying fixtures that top this list. We even have products that are even ahead of this curve, such as stylistic built-in grab bars that are integrated into various bathroom fixtures.  

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Tub King Customer Loves Her New Pedestal Tub

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