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By Alan Knight 

I suppose the internet is for everyone.  By that I mean anyone with an idea, regardless of how weird, suddenly anyone can becomes a journalist.  And then again, some things are just for fun, like the unknown person who gave a list of 100 awesome things you can do in the bathroom.  Some are worth noting, if for no other reason than  to make you laugh.

BE NOSTALGIC.  Ever notice how good looking people in dramatic films wallow in self-pity and think of the past while looking at their own watery reflection?  You could be that person!
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TAKE THE HIT.  Quell your thirst for anarchy by using your own bathroom wall for graffiti instead of the walls and cubicle doors found in public restrooms.
SAVE THE PLANET.  Cut down on the amount of hot water you use in the bathroom to help reduce carbon emissions and save the lovely ice caps.
GET ROMANTIC.  Woo your other half with a romantic bathroom setup:  scented candles, champagne on ice, chocolate liqueurs and big Barry White on the boom box.  You can't lose.
HEALTHY HALLOWEEN FUN.  Bobbing for apples is an old Halloween tradition:  set up your bobbing station in the bath and award points to whoever fishes the most apples in 30 seconds.
MAKE LIKE A MONK.  Meditation might be a bit far for some people, but it can really help relieve stress and improve mental wellbeing.  Take a dip and give it a try!
FLOWER TUB.  Give your old vintage tub lick of paint and fill with soil and flowers for funky, rustic addition to your garden.  Guests will be amazed and slightly confused.
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GET A MASSAGE.  Treat yourself to a soothing massage in one of the new Walk in Tubs.  You can enjoy air jets, water jets or both together.  We have these in stock, by the way.
AHOY THERE.  Make your own pirate movie with some floating galleons, a few dodgy accents and a waterproof camera.
MATH IN THE BATH.  There are plenty of great toys and kits for kids that can help them get super-smart while taking a bath.  Secure your retirement and teach your youngster math in the bath.
DO YOUR BUSINESS.  All great minds do their business in the bathroom.  Order new business cards and take those important calls while power scrubbing.
GET SNUG.  Need an extra bed for a guest?  Is that guest open to sleeping in unconventional surroundings?  Fill the bath with pillows and blankets and see how it works out.
BATHROOM LABORATORY.  Little ones love to play games in the bath or shower.  With some plastic chemistry beakers they can mix shampoos and colored gels to make a range of foamy concoctions.
BUDGET SNORKELING.  Have your very own underwater adventure. 
This requires a big bathtub (which we offer by the way).  Fill your bath with sponges and treasures of the deep for an authentic snorkeling adventure.  By the way, this sounds better if you're drunk.
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MAKE A SHORT FILM.  Just think of all those famous bathroom movie scenes.  Tons of great famous horror scenes take place in the bathroom.  Upload your very own clips to find reflections of ghost-type people in your bathroom mirror. You could be the next Wes Craven.

Okay, that's enough of the silly stuff.  Let's look at some “real” awesome ideas for your bathroom.  Let's focus for a moment with on the bathtub design.  Staying up to date with interior design trends can be a tricky business.  It's easy to get lost in color charts and worry too much about accessorizing.  While it's great to keep these things in mind, it's important to remember that these features can be easily swapped out without too much work or hassle.

There are some features in the house, however, that have a tendency to become more permanent fixtures, and therefore can start to look a little dated after several years of service.  It is for this reason that it's a great idea to replace tired old fixtures and fittings with updated models that are packed to the brim with contemporary style.  Doing so will breathe new life into your home and keep it looking stylish for years to come.  The very first on my list is a deep, relaxing and ultimately stylish old friend – the bathtub.

Check out this short video with examples of beautiful & affordable bathtubs. 

There are so many different styles of bath tubs available today (and we carry about all of them) that it can be a little daunting to choose which is best for you.  There are two main things to consider when it comes to choosing the design of your modern bath.  First, you don't have to necessarily choose a cutting-edge style to ensure your bath is considered stylish and fashionable.  For example, our most popular clawfoot design is the old traditional roll top-the same style that you saw in grandma's house.  I guess for many it brings back fond memories.  Plus, it's practical, with plumbing on one end and the relaxing porcelain slope on the other.  It also comes in various sizes to fit every body type.  Secondly, there are bathtubs in all shapes and sizes that have a sleek modern design.  Be sure to look for a model that fits your bathroom perfectly, instead of rushing to buy the first contemporary model you see.  If you have the room, try the dual ended, double slipper style that can reach lengths of over 6 feet.

And if soaking in a tub is not your thing, consider the new Walk in Showers with zero threshold.  They look modern, elegant and stylish and offer plenty of room for two people.  You can go crazy with accessories like the sunflower shower heads and adjustable grab bars, and ornamental dishes and holders.

If you really want to turn your bathroom into something awesome without going looney, start with the tub or shower. You will be glad you did.

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This article discusses some fun remodeling ideas for your bathroom. It also provides information about the features bathtubs, available options, and considerations related to the installation, layout and usage of these bathtubs. 

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