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Let’s face it, sweat has always gotten a bad rap. Think about it. There are sweatshops, sweat stains, sweatboxes and Richard Simmons’ Sweating to the Oldies.’ Glance over the health and beauty aisles in your local grocery store and you’ll see dozen of antiperspirants and deodorants to either stop you from sweating or at minimum, to mask the odor that lingers after a long day of perspiring. Sweating definitely needs an image makeover (sorry Richard) because sweat is vital to your health.

Not only is sweat necessary, it is sexy. Think of the eye-catching images of athletes in top form, with beads of perspiration rolling down their bodies. This is the epitome of health where the benefits of sweating far outdo the negatives. Let’s discuss why these droplets of salt water are so good for you.


First of all, let’s look at the facts. Whether you are engaged in physical activity or simply lolling in the hot sun, your body knows when it needs to cool down. Our internal temperature is about 98.6 degrees, so your body gets a little temperamental when that temperature fluctuates even by a degree or so. It’s time for the 4 million or so of your sweat glands to get going. Essentially your body is responding to a change that it neither appreciates nor wants.
As the sweat starts to pour from your pores, the water begins to evaporate which cools the skin. It’s your body’s built-in HVAC system that you literally can’t live without. Anhidrosis is the inability to sweat normally in response to heat. When you don’t perspire your body does not have the ability to cool itself, which can lead to heat stroke, a potentially deadly condition.


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The benefits of sweating are numerous since it’s a natural bodily function and nature’s way of protecting your internal organs. But let’s not limit this process to an internal air conditioning system, because sweating also offers some surprising benefits for your health and beauty.


Your pores open up when you sweat which releases the grit and grime that has built up inside them. Essentially sweating purges the body of toxins that can clog pores that cause pimples and blemishes.  All of the dirt and toxins from your pores is released onto the surface of your skin which makes it important to wash your face thoroughly to achieve a healthy glow.


Thought about going on a detox diet? A little juicing perhaps? The body releases toxins by using sweat as the body’s garbage disposal  Have you ever imbibed a bit too much and noticed that your sweat may have the scent of alcohol? That’s not just your foggy imagination. Many experts agree that sweating can flush the body of substances such as alcohol, cholesterol and salt. That helps take care of a hangovers, clogged arteries and high blood pressure in one good perspiration session.


Everyone knows that a bout of kidney stones can be an absolute nightmare and the sheer thought of that diagnosis will bring many men to their knees. Fear no more. Sweating can be an effective way of flushing out the salt and retaining calcium in your bones. As a result, this limits the accumulation of salt and calcium in the kidneys which is the direct cause of stone formation. In addition, those who exercise regularly (and sweat more) tend to hydrate themselves more often and flush their system more efficiently which helps to control the onset of kidney stones.

“A study presented at the 2013 American Urological Association conference in San Diego, Calif., found that walking for a couple of hours a week could substantially cut the risk for developing kidney stones. Mild to moderate activity changes the way the body handles nutrients and fluids that affect stone formation. Sweating helps flush out the system more efficiently because it demands more hydration from the body.” (
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Physical exercise and sweating go hand in hand. The more you exercise the more you sweat. Pretty simple, right? The release of endorphins (your happy chemicals) occurs when you exercise and sweat. Endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain to reduce the perception of pain. They are also released when your body is under undue stress to fight its negative effects. Endorphins literally act similarly to drugs like morphine and codeine but without the side effects.


It’s awesome to work up a good sweat. You know all the good it does. Now it’s time for the best part; the perfect shower or bath. There is nothing like the feeling of jumping into a shower or bath after a good workout or just being drenched with perspiration from being outside on a hot, summer day. Think of that cool water running over your body cleansing you of the toxins and relaxing every tired muscle. 
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Now that you’re convinced you need to work up a sweat for your health and well-being, wouldn’t you want to enhance the entire experience with a perfect shower or bath? Purchase mineral salts or essential oils to add to the warm (or cool) water in your soaking tub. They are deep water tubs meant for total relaxation and luxury. Do you want something more invigorating? Take a contrast shower, alternating between hot and cold water to get your blood circulating and feel the relaxation afterwards. All that hard work has its rewards.  So don’t sweat your sweat.

This article discusses the many benefits of sweating. Whether it is through physical activity or not, the benefits are numerous as your body strives to cool itself naturally. Ridding yourself of the toxins that have been flushed from your body is the next step and this part is a necessary indulgence whether it is a bath in a soaking tub or a shower with all the accessories. The choice is yours. 

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