Walk-in Bathtub 101

Slips and falls in bathrooms are not uncommon. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control, “An estimated 234,000 people ages 15 and older were treated in U.S. emergency departments in 2008 for injuries that occurred in bathrooms. Four out of five of these injuries were caused by falls—which can have especially serious consequences for older adults. Almost one-third of adults aged 65 and above who were injured in bathrooms were diagnosed with fractures. Among adults aged 85 and older, 38 percent were hospitalized as a result of their injuries.”
For some people, and especially the elderly, climbing into and out of a traditional tub can be quite challenging.  Knee and hip problems can make it extremely difficult to get into and out of a traditional tub. The floor surfaces can be slippery and there may not be anything to grab onto to retain proper balance. With one wrong move, a person can end up on the floor with a broken hip or other injury.
With old fashioned tubs, you have to sit all the way down on the bottom to take a bath. When the shoulders and knees get creaky due to arthritis and other ailments, the simple act of sitting down in a bathtub can become difficult. With a walk-in tub, you don’t have to lower your whole body to the bottom of the tub. Instead, you just sit down on a built-in chair.
As the average lifespan has increased, there has been an increasing need to make homes safer for people as they age. Walk-in bathtubs have become very popular because they reduce the hazards associated with taking a bath. With a walk-in bathtub, there is no need for climbing. You just swing the little door open, step in, and shut the door. 

Common features for walk-in bathtubs.

Built-in shower seats: Most seats are chair height and have a textured surface to prevent slippage. This enables the user to bath more safely. Getting up from the built-in seat is much easier than pushing oneself all the way up from a standard tub floor.
Textured floors: Most walk-in tubs have a textured floor to reduce the likelihood of slipping. Buyers should beware of any model that doesn’t feature a non-slip floor.
Grab bars: Walk-in tubs usually come with one or more grab bars. These help the bather to retain stability while bathing and while getting up, sitting down, and getting in and out of the tub. In some cases the grab bars can be configured based on whether the user is right-handed or left-handed.
Watertight door: Most walk-in tubs have doors that open inward. Some manufacturers offer a door that opens outward as an option. This can be helpful to people who need to move from a wheelchair to the shower seat.
Handheld shower system: Most walk-in bathtubs have a handheld shower-head located near the faucets.


Depending on the manufacturer, a variety of options may be available. Hydrotherapy, which works with air jets, is available from some manufacturers.  Whirlpool massage systems with water jets are also available. These options can provide a therapeutic spa experience to people with arthritis, leg cramps, or chronic pain.
In-line heaters are available to maintain a steady water temperature. Neck rests are optional from some manufacturers. Another option is a rapid drain system which can allow a tub to empty in less than two minutes. That way, the user doesn’t have to wait all that long to exit from the bath.


Models vary in height from about 37 to 47 inches. The width is usually from 28 to 32 inches. The length is normally 60 inches, which is the standard bathtub length. Even though walk-in tubs are designed for walking into, there is a small threshold to step over. The height can vary from 2 inches to 7 inches.
Not all tubs fit properly into the space available in a standard bathroom. Walk-in Tubs can be customized to fit into the available space. Extensions are available so that there will be no gaps between the tub and the wall.


Professional installation of walk-in bathtubs is highly recommended. People use their bathrooms several times every day. The bathtub is normally one of the largest things in the bathroom. Also, bathrooms are configured in a variety of ways. If you’re considering having a walk-in tub installed in your home or in the home of a loved one, be sure to have it installed by a reputable company like Tub King. An experienced installer knows how to make your walk-in bathtub fit perfectly.
For anyone who has difficulty accessing their bathing area, a walk-in bathtub can provide a comfortable and safe bathing experience. Modern walk-in bathtubs have come a long way from the handicapped bathtubs of the past. If getting into and out of a traditional bathtub has become challenging to you, a walk-in tub could be the solution. With a walk-in bathtub, you'll be able to move around more safely. Walk-in bathtubs are great for active seniors, elderly people, disabled people, people with limited mobility or anyone looking for a safer and more comfortable way to take a bath.
With a walk-in bathtub, you’ll also experience the healing effects of water on joints & muscles. Tub King offers Soaker models, Hydrotherapy models, and Dual Hydrotherapy with Whirlpool models. They’re built with marine-grade fiberglass and have a gel-coat finish to last a lifetime. They drain quickly, have easy to use controls, and require little maintenance. 
Tub King has many great reviews and guarantees the lowest prices. In commemoration of National Senior Citizens’ Day, August 21st, Tub King is offering special pricing on walk-in bathtubs. Call today to arrange a consultation with a bathtub professional from Tub King.
This article discusses the benefits of walk-in bathtubs for anyone who has difficulty getting into and out of a traditional bathtub. This article also provides information about the features of modern walk-in bathtubs, available options, and considerations related to the installation of a walk-in bathtub. If you’ve found this article helpful in any way, please post a comment and pass the article along to others.
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